Freelance Designer

Manhattan, near Penn Station
On average, between $500 and $1000 per project
Aug 09, 2018
Metro Area
New York


Welcome to Mediaplanet, a content marketing and content creation company focusing on both print and digital products. Your role as an in-house freelance designer will be to diligently and accurately design 8- to 24-page print campaigns adhering to Mediaplanet's style guide and under the art direction of the senior designer. In addition to designing print campaigns, you will have the opportunity to design both print and digital advertisements for Mediaplanet's clients, as well as infographics and repurposing digital art for print. You will be expected to collaborate with both the production and sales team to complete all projects.


  • Work as the sole designer on print campaigns ranging in size from 8–24 pages from concept to press submission and final file archiving
  • Work under the art direction of the senior designer
  • Collaborate with both the production team and sales team to curate and design content
  • Re-touch photography as needed
  • Design both print and digital ads for clients as needed
  • Design infographics and repurpose digital art for print


  • Required to work in-house during regular work hours, 8:30am – 5:30pm
  • Each project is a minimum of 3 days, except when a campaign exceeds 12 or more pages, in which case production will last 4 days of which you will be expected to be in the office
  • Expected to work on their own computers and must own an Adobe Creative Suite license
  • Expected to have an FTP application as you will be expected to back up your files to Mediaplanet’s server upon project completion
  • Commissioned and paid on a per project basis
  • Each project will conclude once the designer has submitted a digitally signed invoice to all the appropriate people, referenced on the invoice itself


To apply, please submit:

  • A resume and cover letter that explains why you are perfect for this position (Be creative! One-size-fits-all submissions won’t be considered. Include your cover letter in the same file as your resume.)

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