5900 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90036
Based on Experience
Aug 10, 2018
LA Mag Editor-in-chief
Metro Area
Los Angeles
Full Time

The country’s oldest city-regional publication, Los Angeles magazine is looking for an editor-in-chief. This is a big job, and it requires a big skill set.


You need to be a talented story editor with the ability to hone articles big and small, from snappy blurbs to deeply-reported long-form pieces. You need to be able to spot talented writers and be a talented writer yourself. You need to be able to generate story ideas at will, have a sharp eye to help back the copy editor, and be organized to enough to oversee trafficking while also overseeing the digital team as it grows our audience.


Keeping to a tight budget, making deadlines, writing sharp headlines—they’re all basic requirements. Knowing what makes a layout click and coming up with design concepts to help the talented art team are essentials as well. You also need to really know Los Angeles, a city that’s too often reduced to clichés. This is a complex metropolis, and it deserves knowledgeable coverage of its dynamic art and food scenes, its complex demographics, it sometimes-opaque city government, and much, much more. Can you do all of this and inspire your readers and staffers alike? Then we’d like to see your résumé.

Must have:

Working knowledge of InCopy and InDesign

Working knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style

Extensive experience assigning and editing stories of more than 1800 words

Extensive experience assigning and editing short-form stories.

Extensive experience writing headlines and subheads.

Extensive knowledge of Los Angeles—its food and art scenes, its culture, geography, political landscape, environmental issues, and more.

Strong copy-editing and proofing skills.

Must be able to balance a budget and know how to use spreadsheet software such as Excel.

Knowledge of WordPress preferred.


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