Media-Savvy Intern-Editor!

Jared Odrick
Venice, California
Based on experience: starting with an hourly rate.
Oct 09, 2018
Entry Level
Metro Area
Los Angeles
Freelance, Internship

Threshold LLC is seeking highly responsive, thoughtful individuals with the time and creativity to turn around dynamic content on an ongoing basis. Current projects include editing podcast video footage and audio into 10-minute clips for release, as well as developing marketing materials for various endeavors. Those interested should have an artistic eye and an interest in the dark side; nothing about these projects will be commercial or expected. We need people whose technical orientation does not stifle their creative prowess, but simply enhances it.

Ideal skills:

  • Writing/Copyediting
  • Video editing
  • Podcast editing
  • Photoshop knowledge
  • Animation abilities
  • Social media


This position is both on-site and remote, happening in Venice, LA. Meals provided in addition to weekly travel stipend.

*Threshold LLC was founded by former NFL lineman-turned-creative, Jared Odrick. This media agency addresses the topics of CTE, Cannabis, and personal development through proactive endeavors. There's great opportunity for growth as this start up is just taking off!