Freelance writers needed for large city guide project

Working from home
Nov 07, 2018
Entry Level
Metro Area
San Francisco

Matador Network is looking for writers to produce city guides as part of a large website project. These writers will be working on tight deadlines to produce comprehensive guides to cities around the world, including the United States. They would be writing about neighborhoods, arts and culture, events and festivals, accommodation, restaurants, nightlife, nature and parks and day trips, in addition to basic utility info and itineraries. We are looking for writers with a down-to-earth, natural voice, who will give recommendations based on their local knowledge, versus just research.

Please look at our example guide on Barcelona to see more of what we are looking for.

This project pays more than our average articles, so we are looking for the best of the best. To be considered for this opportunity, please write a 100-200 word paragraph introducing the city you would like to write about (refer to Barcelona as an example). Send this intro paragraph via the link provided with the subject line “City Guides: Insert name of City.”


  • Very knowledgeable and experienced about the city. We are not looking for people that just went a trip there, but ideally people who either live there currently, or lived there in the last few years.
  • Capable of meeting very tight deadlines and working with a variety of editors.
  • Will link all venues mentioned to the websites or social media pages of those venues.
  • Will make sure all recommendations are up-to-date.
  • We are interested in any city in the world, from major capitals to more under-the-radar destinations. We are looking for diverse representation of the entire world, and most major US cities.
  • While we are interested in any city, we are particularly interested in the following cities and these will get priority for now: Vancouver, Cape Town, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Sydney.

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