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Dec 07, 2018
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Please apply formally to the job via our website:

What the job entails:
99.9% of online courses suck because they aren’t carefully crafted by creative, compelling writers. We’re approaching online courses a little bit differently -- we believe that writers like you are a crucial ingredient to changing how effective online education can be.

We are looking for a creative senior writer to write informative and entertaining online courses for our platform. Each course will incorporate elements of storytelling, excerpts from interviews that we conduct, and scientific research in order to teach our students in the most entertaining and thorough way possible.

The below videos serve as inspiration for our courses. They are shorter versions of what we strive to accomplish: detailed information delivered in an incredibly entertaining, cinematic way:

•  Rapping, deconstructed by Vox
• The Alibi by Serial (you can watch ~15 minutes to get the gist of the style)
• Childish Gambino - Storytelling Through Hip-Hop by KaptainKristian
• Rihanna’s ‘Work’ Is Not Tropical House by Nerdwriter

Each of these videos is different, but their similarities are why we continuously turn back to them and those who created them for inspiration:

• Incredibly inspiring, useful, and unique information
• Exceptionally well thought out visuals that incorporate a huge variety of different mediums (interviews, sound bites, b-roll, news clips, footage shot by their team, motion graphics, kinetic typography)
• A feeling of premium quality
• Conversational language that anybody can understand and follow along with

Who you'll be working with:
As our first senior writer, you'll be working directly with Kel, our Head of Content. Right now, the course writing at Jumpcut is being done in a tag-team manner; for example, in the course we're currently working on right now, Mahim (our copywriter) is working with Kong (our CEO) to write it. Once you join, you'll be responsible for all of the course writing, and work directly with Kel on revising and editing the scripts. As you write them, you'll  also be in meetings with our entire creative and marketing teams (Jessica, Brandon, Kong primarily) to gather requirements and insights from them.


  • In 2019, you'll help us research and write the next 3 courses that we create.
  • In 2020 and beyond, you'll learn to manage a team of writers and become their senior editor.


What you'll do:

  • Be the chief course writer for our upcoming courses
  • Deeply research each course topic through articles, books, interviews, etc.
  • Outline the entire course with the help of experts in that field
  • Write the video scripts
  • Create engaging assignments that help students internalize the lessons


Technical requirements we're looking for:

  • 3+ years of relevant experience (editor at a publishing house, journalistic writer, course writer, creative writer, ghostwriter, etc)
  • Writing samples that demonstrate your ability to teach in an engaging way. (These should be journalistic: can be blog posts, video scripts, think tank research, etc)
  • Strong research skills (you should be able to find compelling information on any topic)
  • Nice to have: experience writing for video
  • Nice to have: experience managing writers and growing a team


Non-technical requirements (e.g. behaviors) we're looking for:

  • You deeply love learning, and have a genuine enthusiasm for teaching
  • You can produce thorough, unique, and organized research on any topic
  • You can take dry information and transform it into a compelling lesson by using elements of storytelling & creative writing
  • You are excited by the (challenging) task of taking a complex topic, and breaking it down into easy-to-understand, entertaining lessons
  • You have the ability to weave narrative and educational writing together to produce work that is both entertaining and informative
  • You are open-minded, and do not have an ego about your way being the only way
  • You don't get upset over feedback that requires you to change your work
  • You approach strict deadlines with enthusiasm and optimistic aggression, not pessimism.
  • Your overall vibe is “OK, let’s see how we can make this work.”

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