Executive Producer

New York City, New York
Dec 20, 2018
Metro Area
New York
Full Time

The Executive Director/Director of HMH Audio is responsible for developing the HMH audio program from inception to success.This role should combine both a creative passion for publishing with a strong sense of production and process. As a leader of a team and a guide for external voice and mastering talent, the Director, HMH Audio should bring a creative energy to HMH’s audio books. This leader should have a clear understanding of publishing processes, P&Ls, and audio production and knowledge of how to manage a project P&L independently.

Responsibilities include:


Serve as a liaison between authors, editors, producers, agents and talent.

Hires talent that fits the title and creates the best experience for consumers.

Maintains lines of communication with sales, marketing, editorial, and managing ed to bring audio books to market that are best in class and delivered on time.

Oversee detailed publishing schedule and disseminate data throughout company to keep our audio book publishing program on track.

Works closely with sales, marketing, editorial, and managing ed to manage production creation to market.

Able to flex to deadline changes and challenges in a fast-paced publishing environment.

Oversee audio coordinator/manager and sound engineer to produce audio with an attention to both quality and cost containment.

Understands the value of working to produce both the best quality audio (the right talent for the book) and the needs of the production costs.

Coordinate the hiring of audio talent, management of scheduling, outsourcing, insourcing, the creation of author marketing materials and other audio-related deliverables to maximize revenue through the audio P&L.

Thinks strategically about how audio products such as audio books, podcasts, and other deliverables can complement the publishing program and brand experiences of our authors and books.


Minimum of  10 years in audiobook industry, working with a broad range of titles

Prefer at least 5 years in a producer role

Engineering experience preferred but not required

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