Video Journalist - News and features

Washington D.C.
Feb 04, 2019
Entry Level
Metro Area

Can you tell a complex story in 60 seconds or less?

Can you hook the audience within the first three seconds?

Can you captivate them with your creativity so they keep watching?

And can you reward them - with information and/or emotion - so they share your video?

If so, you sound like the talented video journalist BBC News is seeking to join its expanding digital team in North America.


Your job will be to produce daily news videos for the BBC News website and app, as well as the BBC’s accounts on Facebook, Apple News, Instagram and Twitter.

At a time of fast-changing digital journalism, you will develop innovative forms of storytelling to help the BBC reach new audiences across online, mobile and social.

With at least two years of experience, you will have the editorial and technical skills to produce, film and edit videos to the highest standard, working either independently or with colleagues.

Using your proven editorial judgment, you will also understand that the BBC's global reputation is built on accuracy and impartiality.


This role will primarily focus on daily news so extensive knowledge of and interest in US politics and current affairs is essential.

You must also be curious about global news, and able to identify possible US angles to big foreign stories.

Demonstrating your strong news sense, you will be able to spot the stories - the sound bites, the moments, the visuals - which make for a shareable digital video.

You will have the speed to turn around video clips for breaking news, but also the storytelling and production skills to create a compelling round-up video.

Beyond reporting on events, BBC News aims to make sense of what’s happening so you’ll also produce explainer videos using both the BBC’s correspondents and outside experts.

There may be opportunities for producing original feature videos and working in the field.


We are looking for a digital native who instinctively understands how users find content and how to sell a story to appeal to different audiences across the US.

Working alongside a team of digital writers, video journalists and audience engagement specialists, you will work to the Editor of the North America edition of the BBC News website, based in Washington DC, creating content for both the US and global audiences.

Flexibility and a willingness to work in a variety of formats is essential.

This is a 12-month contract.



At least two years of experience as a video journalist. Comfortable using Final Cut Pro X or the aptitude to learn it quickly. Experience with After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator is strongly preferred but not essential.


Please send resume, examples of your work and a cover letter briefly explaining why you are right for this job and what you think makes a good digital video.

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