Public Relations Consulting Opportunity (Request for Proposal)

FUSE Corps
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Feb 12, 2019
Metro Area
San Francisco

Title: Public Relations Consulting Opportunity (Request for Proposal)

Date Posted: February 12, 2019

Submissions deadline: Feb. 25

Estimated Project Duration: March – September 2019, with an expectation to extend


FUSE Corps Overview

FUSE is a national nonprofit that partners with local government agencies on a range of issues, including economic and workforce development, healthcare, public safety, climate change, and education. FUSE’s approach centers around a year-long executive fellowship program, which embeds fellows with city and county agencies to help governments tackle the biggest challenges facing urban communities. During their fellowships, FUSE fellows help to craft new policy, roll out new public services, and improve existing programs in order to better serve community members.

Since 2011, FUSE has placed 137 fellows in more than 20 communities throughout the country. After their fellowship year, more than 50 percent of alumni have continued to work in civic leadership roles, and 90 percent of our partner governments have returned each year with requests to host additional fellows.

Through our projects, we strive to help build communities where people from all walks of life can afford to live in safe neighborhoods with strong economies, high employment rates and living wages, and have access to healthcare and educational opportunities.

Public Relations Goals

FUSE is seeking to raise brand awareness and credibility through media coverage. Currently, FUSE is known best among government partners who have already worked with our program. Our goal is to expand that audience of civic leaders and innovators.

We believe our biggest opportunity to effect widespread systemic change is by sharing stories of innovative best practices. Through self-published articles on our site and through partnerships with existing media organizations that have similar audiences, we hope to inspire leaders who are reinventing government to imagine the possibilities for themselves, as well as to offer replicable strategies.

To do this, FUSE must be viewed as a center of excellence for innovative best practices. We have great potential to showcase our work through a number of storytelling and media initiatives.

We are seeking a public relationship firm or PR professional to expand our reach through earned major media coverage of FUSE.

Scope Of Work

The agency or public relations professional will be hired to place 3-5 stories in strategic media outlets and markets as quickly as possible. This requires:

  • Clarifying audiences. Confirm the nature of FUSE’s defined primary, secondary and tertiary audiences for this PR engagement: local government leaders of major American cities, other non-governmental, leaders of urban reform efforts, and philanthropists connected to urban reform.
  • Developing story ideas. In collaboration with communications director and program team, develop stories that will best amplify our message.
  • Defining targeted media. Determine an appropriate mix of local, regional, national and industry/ trade media outlets to achieve the defined positioning, including national platforms such as Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and Wall Street Journal, and industry publications, such as Stanford Social Innovation Review, Harvard Business Review, Governing Magazine, and Fast Company.
  • Pitching stories to targeted media. Pitch FUSE stories to agreed-upon media targets, and work alongside reporters and FUSE staff, fellows, and government partners to achieve best results. This includes connecting reporters to FUSE sources and immediate troubleshooting when issues come up.


  • Passion for FUSE’s mission and a commitment to related issue areas.
  • Track record of 10+ years on related projects with the ability to provide samples of previous work
  • Ability to work quickly and independently
  • Able to provide a total dollar budget and quote of services, given the Scope of Work and hourly estimates

Guidance For Responses

Interested applicants should email their firm overview or resume/portfolio and letter of interest via the link provided. Subject line should read: Public Relations Consulting

Within the letter of interest, please address the qualifications mentioned above, describing:

  • Alignment with FUSE mission
  • Previous work related to this project, noting specific examples.
  • Approach to addressing the strategic public relations needs, and how you would reach our target audience based on the objectives and strategy provided
  • Approach to prioritizing campaigns and results you expect to achieve
  • Ability to work quickly/independently
  • Estimated budget, project duration, and team composition


FUSE Corps is an equal opportunity employer with a core value of incorporating diverse perspectives into our work at every level. We strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply for this position.