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Rates vary based on experience and breadth of assignments.
Feb 13, 2019
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Freelance is Seeking Freelance News Reporters, Data Journalists and Advice Writers

General Description:

The editorial team at is looking for freelance news, advice and data journalists. The ideal candidates are experienced reporters, writers and data crunchers who can pitch ideas, report and write original, insightful and clickable stories about the housing industry, the buying and selling process and the challenges of homeownership. Our audience is everyday home buyers, sellers, and owners and not industry insiders. is operated by News. Corp, which also owns The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and The New York Post.

News Writers:

We are looking for experienced journalists with stellar reporting and writing chops—and the clips to prove it—who are comfortable using data, expert sources and real people to tell highly entertaining and compelling stories about the U.S. residential real estate market. We’re particularly interested in candidates with business and real estate backgrounds.

Our stories are a mix of national news events impacting the housing market, changes in real estate laws and policies and quirky trends. We also write stories off of various government housing reports. Pieces have ranged from how a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border could impact nearby real estate markets to why mortgage rates are going down when federal interest rates are rising to why more people are moving into communes as a result of higher housing and living costs.

Pay range varies based on experience and the breadth of the assignment.

If you’re interested, please send your resume, several published clips as well as story pitches. Write “News Writer Application” in the subject line.

Data Journalists:

We’re looking for data journalists who are masters at using data to tell smart, entertaining and sometimes surprising stories about the U.S. residential and rental real estate market. The best candidates will have the chops to analyze real estate data and write up jargon-free stories based on the findings.

Applicants MUST be able to perform their own analyses. They must also be fluent in the programming languages and data analysis techniques it will take to run rankings. They should have experience with statistics and data software packages as well as be familiar with relationship databases like SQL.

Our data stories range are a mix of the best places to buy an affordable beach town to how President Trump’s time in office has impacted his real estate brand and which home features will help sellers fetch the highest prices for their abodes.

Pay range varies based on experience. 

If you’re interested, please send your resume, several published clips as well as story pitches. Write “Data Journalist Application” in the subject line.

Advice Writers:

We need regular contributors to write advice and trend articles on home buying/selling, home décor/improvement, personal finance, rent, and all things real estate. Our advice articles take a variety of formats, including straight advice (how to buy a house with bad credit, 5 regrets you'll have moving to the burbs), trends (Meghan Markle decorated her nursery with what?!), humor (10 bathroom design fails that should be flushed), and more out-of-the-box formats are welcome.

Pay ranges from $150 to $300 for articles ranging from 650- to 1,000-words (although that's flexible for the right contributor.) Most articles (other than personal essays) will need interviews/quotes with at least two experts (home designers, real estate agents, etc.).

If interested, please send the three clips you're proudest of (service/advice or anything that shows your writing/reporting chops) and a short, paragraph-long pitch of at least one idea you'd like to write for us—i.e., the hard-won lessons you've learned trying to buy, sell or rent a house, sneak a pet into a no-pet rental, pick the right paint color, Marie Kondo your closet (or your spouse's closet.) We're open to anything interesting.

Write "Advice Writer Application" in the subject line.

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