Community Manager

New York City, New York
$50,000 -$59,999
Mar 01, 2019
Metro Area
New York
Full Time

Department Summary

The Future Community Team works to provide experiential and personalized recommendations to all of our audience, to become the venue of choice for beginners and experts alike to connect with, learn from, and help all with shared interests.  Across our sites we empower decisions through dialogue.  Our small, capable team of community professionals guides the path of online discourse for millions of members, and is responsible for keeping our forums active, civil, and welcoming.

Job Summary & Purpose

The primary role of this position is the direction of growth, maintenance, and infrastructural support for the online forum communities of Future.  The Community Manager will direct community volunteer efforts, work collaboratively with other teams to accomplish goals, execute initiatives, and serve as public-facing point-of-contact for members of our forums.

Key role responsibilities

  • Leads volunteer efforts of moderators and experts
  • Assesses and fulfills needs based on community health indicators
  • Oversees and edits guides for moderation, introductions for new users, community articles and more
  • Serves as point-of-contact and works collaboratively between Development, Editorial, and Community departments
  • Plan, execute, and follow-up on community initiatives like contests, giveaways, Ask-Me-Anythings, etc.
  • Enforce community guidelines and best practices across our forums
  • Collaborate on community engagement strategy development
  • Engages in direct member advocacy with community stakeholders .

Essential skills and experience

  • 2-4 years of prior online community management or moderation experience
  • Passionate and enthusiastic about tech, electronics, gaming, gadgets and mobile
  • Impeccable organizational skills
  • Ability to create and edit persuasive, easily understood copy in grammatically correct English
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Google Suite + Analytics
  • Exceptional communication skills

How to Apply

As part of the application process please complete the following task and submit together with your application.  Thank You.

Please provide your answers to the following questions.

  1. Using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, rewrite the following sentence correctly, as though you were editing a thread in the forums: “They’re affect on mobile devices Remains irregardless about weather you’re nauseous cuz of the app or knot”, said the newly highered comunity manager.”
  2. One of the top posters with tens of thousands of threads who is also a recognized subject matter expert in a forum you oversee has  run afoul of rules of conduct and guidelines prohibiting hate speech in a recent response they made.  What action/s do you take, and why?
  3. A pending outside RFP for XenForo/phpBB SEO add-on functionality clashes with an open JIRA ticket for broad-range IP banning in the next sprint.  Provided your supervisor on the community team isn’t available, what would you do / who would you go to, and why?