Producer- Audio

Portsmouth, New Hampshire (US)
Apr 01, 2019
Metro Area
Full Time

Additional Locations: Portsmouth or possibly remote

The Heinemann audio producer is responsible for the development and production of audiobooks at Heinemann. The producer will also have a participatory role in podcast production. The ideal candidate should possess a passion for audio producing, audio editing, the experience of audio production, and an ability to direct others in all aspects of audio production work. The ideal candidate will have an understanding of the publishing and distribution process as well as managing meta data. The producer will be expected to work closely with authors and be able to participate in the editorial process.

Primary Responsibilities


Work with authors, editors, and other possible talent. Oversee communications with editorial, publishers and digital communications teams, and lead development of audio productions (including possible podcasts) and conversions of existing books, production, marketing, Project Management:

Manage audio publishing schedules and share data to key members to keep informed about audio books.

Work closely with editorial, production, authors, marketing and sales to manage the production creation and distribution.

Manage deadline changes and the various challenges presented by audio publishing.

Reports on reading or interpreting statistics and data use.


Oversee needed audio coordination with internal or external crews or potential sound engineers to produce quality audio and contain costs.

As required, coordinate the hiring of audio talent or oversee author’s schedules, manage outsourcing (if needed), insourcing, advise and assist in developing marketing materials and other audio-related productions like podcasting.

Think strategically about how audio products such as audiobooks, podcasts, and other deliverables can complement Heinemann’s resources.   

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree Required experience in audiobook or audio producing (Radio/TV/Podcasts) industry, working with a broad range of titles or shows.

Prefer at least 2-3 years in a producer role Engineering experience preferred but not required. 

Copy-editing, proofreading, and strong writing skills/digital story-telling is preferred.  

Knowledge and Skills

Must have a basic understanding of the audio production costs.

Experience with either ProTools or Adobe Audition or equivalent program