Write High-Quality Summaries of Non-Fiction Books (Part-Time/Full-Time, Remote) Readers/Educators

Remote company
Hourly rates from $15 to $25 depending on prior experience and quality of work
Apr 18, 2019
Metro Area
Full Time, Part Time

Do you enjoy reading non-fiction books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or Thinking, Fast and Slow? Do you consider yourself an effective educator, able to distill complex information into its core essentials? Do you want to help thousands of readers improve their lives and apply what they learn? 

We want to hear from you. Shortform (https://www.shortform.com) is a developing product featuring summaries of the best non-fiction books and articles. Shortform improves on existing products by focusing on actionables, creating more in-depth summaries, and building a community helping each other learn. 

We’re looking for writers who will write extremely high-quality book summaries, article summaries, and educational materials. 

As part of Shortform, you’ll use your passion for reading and teaching to educate learners on a national scale. You’ll join an exciting startup with a mission to make sense of the world’s information. 

Your Responsibilities:
+ Write high-quality summaries of non-fiction books. Distill a complex work into its core essentials, at different levels of detail (5 bullet points, 2 pages, and chapter-by-chapter summary). Extract the key arguments and supporting evidence, while discarding fluff. 

+ Create interactive exercises to help readers apply lessons from books, including quizzes to test comprehension and open-ended questions to help the reader reflect. 

+ Write high-quality summaries of articles from publications like the New Yorker or the Wall Street Journal. You can convey the key information that readers who are short on time should know. 

+ Contribute ideas for product features that Shortform users would love. 

+ (Optional) Participate in projects to help the company grow, such as marketing and community outreach. 

+ Ability to distill information into its core concepts, then synthesize a new understanding that may be even more effective than the original source. 

+ Ability to read and write efficiently. We don’t apply onerous time pressure, but we do want you to understand the tradeoff between speed and quality, and avoid costly perfectionism. 

+ Clear, engaging writing style with a natural voice. You can tell the difference between good, tight writing and sloppy/rigid writing. 

+ Serious commitment and work drive. You always pull through and deliver and take pride in your own work. Previous experience working as a remote contractor preferred. 

+ Work experience preferred: 1+ years of experience writing for an online publication and working with an editor to hone ideas. Demonstrated interest in education and track record of effectively sharing knowledge with others. 

+ Available to work at least 20 hours per week on average, and preferably 30+. 

About Us:
+ We’re passionate about helping people get the best ideas and use them to improve their lives. We cover the best books and content in personal growth, business, psychology, relationships, and more. 

+ We care about impact at scale - we want to grow to support millions of daily readers. 

+ Our founding team has previously built profitable and enduring companies in education and technology. 

Check us out here and read about our principles here: https://www.shortform.com/about/ 

About the Position:
+ The position is part-time, with availability to scale up to full-time hours depending on the quality of your work. 

+ The position is remote and flexible. You’re free to work whereever and whenever you want. 

+ Compensation is paid hourly, with expected rates from $15 to $25 depending on prior experience and quality of work. 

How to Apply:
Please send an email with your resume, cover letter, and link to 2-3 published clips (if available). You may also apply through Mediabistro.

In your cover letter, please describe your prior professional writing experience (if any), your favorite non-fiction book, and your reading habits (books or otherwise). 

The next stage in the interview process will include a miniproject writing sample summaries of online articles, followed by a short final-round call. 

Application is on a rolling basis for limited positions, so please apply as soon as you can.

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