Freelance Legal Marketing Copywriter

Based on assignment.
May 29, 2019
Metro Area

Martindale-Hubbell, a leading provider of law firm marketing services, seeks writers to create content for our clients’ websites.

Product levels

  • Bronze. A simple home page, written from a Creative Brief. 250–375 words. $40/page.

  • Silver. Two pages, usually a home page and one practice area page, written from a Creative Brief. 400–500 words/page. $50/page.

  • Gold. Two to 10 pages, usually topics within one main practice area, written from an SEO strategy to match the style of existing content on a live site. 500–650 words/page. $60/page.

  • Blog posts. Up to six per batch, on timely and/or evergreen legal topics. 350-500 words. $50/post.

Content for all product levels must be written in accordance with our format and style guidelines.


All candidates must be able to do the following:

  • Write from a creative brief and/or an SEO strategy without direct client contact.

  • Quickly research, understand, and write authoritatively about legal topics.

  • Translate complex legal information into accurate and consumer-friendly marketing copy.

  • Write according to best practices for the web, including SEO optimization.

  • Write to a short deadline.

Successful candidates will have previous experience in legal practice, legal marketing, or both.

This is a freelance, telecommuting position.