Digital Editor-in-Chief (CNBC, Business Insider, Money)

The Oracles
Work from home
Competitive Annual Salary + Work From Home
Jun 15, 2019
Head of Content
Metro Area
New York
Full Time

The Oracles is seeking its next Head of Content. For years, we’ve been publishing the best wisdom from veteran entrepreneurs in top business publications. Our articles have been published in CNBC, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, Money, Yahoo Finance, Success, HuffPost, MSN, and more. (You'd be working for The Oracles; we provide content to these publications.)

We need a highly experienced editorial leader who is both a journalist and content strategist to helm our content team and ensure the successful publication of all of our articles.

This person must have experience as an editor-in-chief, executive editor, deputy editor, or editorial director and at least 8 years of digital editorial experience at major publications. 

You will be the chief person in charge of the team that plans, produces, polishes, and publishes every article people read from The Oracles.

We will match your current salary OR match + a 10% raise.
Work from home; this is a fully remote position.

Who Are We?
The Oracles ( is a mastermind group composed of the world’s top entrepreneurs and CEOs. We create service journalism that shares our members’ inspirational stories and lessons from the trenches of entrepreneurship in major online business media. We share the secrets to wealth and what it really takes to succeed, from the people who have been there and done that.

We’re a fun, leading-edge organization that produces and publishes strategic content, serving both reader and member goals and helping millions of early- to mid-stage entrepreneurs grow their business and build a better life. We extract the most valuable insights that would otherwise go unshared from the minds of extremely accomplished and busy entrepreneurs and publish that knowledge through our partner network of top online business publications. All of our articles publish online (no print) and see over 1 million unique views collectively each month.

It’s Work That Matters
We make it easier than ever before for a genuinely successful businessperson to share their valuable knowledge with a substantial audience. Your work will be helping hundreds of thousands of people build their own businesses and shortcut success.

We also believe in supporting the less fortunate, which is why The Oracles regularly organizes private celebrity charity experiences and during each one we donate $100,000 to a worthy cause. By helping us succeed, you'll help make those donations continue to be possible.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • At least 8 years of editorial experience (all or mostly at top-tier publications).
  • Experience in an executive-level editorial role (EIC, editorial director, executive editor).
  • Ideally a degree in journalism, magazine publishing, English, or communications.
  • A deep love for entrepreneurship, talking to entrepreneurs, and disseminating the best business lessons. 
  • A passion for doing insanely great work and always producing the best possible end product.
  • You must be extremely well-versed with computers. Because we’re a fully virtual company, we use a LOT of SaaS. We use Slack and Trello religiously. If you and technology don’t get along, on that basis alone this is not the environment for you.

WARNING: We operate seven days a week. We know it’s weird, but we believe in doing things with passion or not at all, and our team is extremely passionate about the work that we do. You’ll be expected to stay in touch over weekends and work a couple of hours on Saturdays and Sundays (primarily just responding to or following up on emails, or responding in our Slack). If weekend work is completely off-limits for you, we won’t be a fit.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Extracting wisdom from the world’s most successful business leaders.
  • Ensuring all articles are published on-time and error-free.
  • Sourcing freelancers.
  • Building relationships with top-tier publications.
  • Securing original quotes from household name business celebrities.
  • Overseeing and growing our social media presence.

You’ll also be:

  • Managing The Oracles’ 10-person content team and maintaining excellence.
  • Creating and managing our editorial calendar.
  • Dreaming up new topics; writing captivating and clickable headlines; assigning articles.
  • Final editing every article.
  • Occasionally writing articles yourself.
  • Leading and executing all of our editorial standards and guidelines.
  • Attending our quarterly dinners (2-3 day trip once every 3 months).

This job is approximately 35% content production management, 30% editing, 10% writing, 20% emailing with publications and business celebrities, and 5% hiring.

You’ll work on producing top quality content like this:


  • Competitive salary: $96k to $130k, depending on experience. We will match your current salary OR match + a 10% raise. But in exchange for being fully remote, there is no healthcare or other benefits included.
  • Work from home or anywhere you want. This is fully remote. We have no office, no stuffy business meetings, no red tape. We’re a 100 percent virtual company.
  • Choose your own hours. It rarely matters when you work, only that you get the work done.
  • Get paid to learn from some of the most accomplished businesspeople in the world.
  • Interact with amazing, giving, caring entrepreneurs you’ll meet at our quarterly dinners.
  • Build your own editorial team.
  • A box of cupcakes delivered to your door weekly. (Just kidding. Unless you love cupcakes as much as we do, in which case we can probably make this happen.)

Day in The Life:
You roll out of bed at 10 a.m. (because you can) and pour a delicious cup from your Nespresso machine. Take a sip and take a moment of silence for everyone stuck in traffic. OK, time to work. 

It’s 10:55 a.m. and your Skype interview is about to start with someone who used to live in his car and now runs a $200 million real estate empire. You talk for 90 minutes and he shares unbelievable, inspiring stories he’s never told anyone before. You drop the interview recording to one of the writers in Slack. 

Time for lunch and Postmates swings by with your ahi tuna kale salad. You check in with your content production team and ensure everyone is on track. Everyone is except for Jimmy; he fell off the wagon and you quickly get him back on track. 

It’s 2 p.m. and you start digging into the three articles in the “awaiting final approval” queue. You complete your edits, submit two for publication and kick back the other for revisions. You notice we’re missing images to run with a story and you text the client to urgently request them. 

Bing... a new article just published! You immediately review it to ensure the live version is flawless. It’s 5 p.m. and more answers just came in for our monthly roundtable articles. A few stragglers haven’t submitted their answers yet, so you send some follow-up emails. 

You just realized there’s a more efficient way for us to be doing something and you bang out a new workflow. You post it on our Checklists board in Trello and notify the team. Everything’s looking good and you go for yoga to relax and reflect on the day.

One Last Thing:
This is an intense, challenging job with never easing high standards that requires a lot of dedication, but offers tremendous freedom and meaningful work alongside a great team.
It’s a high-energy environment where you’ll be running things with great autonomy and managing dozens of spinning plates every day. You’ll be captaining dozens of articles every month (between 800 to 1,500 words each), all in different stages of production and each with many moving pieces.

It’s quite possible that everything you’ve done in your life up until this moment has led you here. To this page. To this job. (It’s not really a job though, is it? More like playtime that we get paid handsomely for.) You’ve done the nine-to-five grind and 45-minute daily commute. Now you’re ready to join one of those fully remote companies where you can work from anywhere and have more freedom to enjoy your life, while doing fulfilling work that makes a difference. Your next adventure, where you can have huge impact and huge freedom, could be this one.

Good luck!

NOTE: Please do not contact anyone at the company through other channels about this job. Please apply via the linked application and we’ll be in touch if you’re a fit. We review each and every application.

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