Editorial Intern

New York City, New York (US) - lower Manhattan
$15 per hour - 20 hours per week
Jun 21, 2019
Entry Level
Metro Area
New York

As an editorial intern, you will be responsible for fact-checking and researching material that goes into our magazines. The material ranges from feature-length stories to short articles or fact tables, as well as recipes and author information sections. You will also proofread various articles, looking for any errors of grammar or facts. You will work closely with our talented editorial team and may also have the opportunity to write short pieces. Responsibilities include:

  • Proofread copy, looking for errors of grammar or facts
  • Work closely with editors
  • May have opportunities to write/ghostwrite first-person pieces
  • Vet story submissions and report on those worthy of publication
  • Input research changes into copy
  • Provide additional research when there are holes in writers’ copy
  • Assist with uploading our digital assets into our digital asset management system; tag with metadata
  • Perform other administrative and editorial duties.

Qualifications we seek:

  • Experience researching and fact-checking by phone, on the internet or by using various books such as Who’s Who, Webster’s Biographical and Geographical dictionaries, Merriam-Webster’s 11th edition dictionary, etc.
  • Knowledge of Google, IMDb and other research websites.
  • Excellent phone skills when calling authors to check factual changes.
  • Knowledge of Words Into Type a plus.

Most importantly, we seek and intern who is energetic and proactive in his or her work.  Attention to detail, self-discipline and excellent organizational skills are a must.

We are a small staff, so you’ll get the chance to really be part of the team.

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