Podcast Producer/Sidekick/Marketer

HerMoney Media
New York City, New York
Jun 22, 2019
Metro Area
New York
Full Time

HerMoney Media is looking for a full-time Podcast ninja to join our NYC-based team, specifically to work with Jean Chatzky on the HerMoney Podcast, our three-year old weekly program focusing on all things women and money.

You should have at least two years of experience producing and editing audio, the ability to work independently and collaboratively, and be knowledgeable in how to cultivate and grow a podcast audience.  You should also be comfortable on the microphone as well as behind it — as our producer has traditionally had an on-air role on the show. Your opinions, empathy and an interest in helping women succeed with their money are key to connecting with our listeners.

We’re looking for someone with a good knowledge of how to grow a podcast audience as well.  Experience in marketing — whether on another show or in another arena — is a big plus. The abilities to meet deadlines, work collaboratively and operate under pressure are musts.

Responsibilities include:

* Pitching shows

* Scheduling guests

* Conducting pre-interviews

* Scripting/writing questions in the voice of the host

* Publishing the podcast weekly on various platforms.

* Posting audio, text and graphics

* Executing promotions for the show with/without other podcasts

* Managing a Facebook community tied to the show

* Managing an active e-mail flow

* Working on special projects as necessary



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