Director, Marketing and Communications

Washington D.C.
$114,200 - $128,559
Jun 28, 2019
Metro Area
Full Time


  1. Marketing and Communications
  2. Create and implement marketing and communications programs that reflect, articulate, and promote the mission, vision, and identity of NLC.  Develop and enhance our image with member cities, potential members, external stakeholders, and the general public.
  3. Build strategic partnerships with key internal stakeholder departments.  Integrate internal stakeholder goals for marketing and communication initiatives into a comprehensive marketing and communications plan for the organization.
  4. Oversee project planning, execution, and progress reporting from ideation through to delivery in collaboration with internal stakeholders.
  5. Set key performance measures to evaluate the success of marketing and communications programs.  Define goals and measurements of success based on desired objectives and outcomes.  Ensure that evaluation systems and benchmarks are in place to needed data to inform strategic decision-making.
  6. Track and report the overall results of communications and marketing strategies to the Senior Executive and senior leadership.  Recommend and implement changes to strategies and tactics to address areas of underperformance.
  7. Develop, coordinate, and oversee programs, technical assistance, and resource materials to assist internal stakeholder departments in carrying out marketing and communications initiatives.  Build relationships and identify business connections with internal teams to maximize efficiency.  Collaborate with internal stakeholders and design teams on the timing and delivery of communications and marketing deliverables.
  8. Design, implement, and monitor systems and procedures necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the marketing and communications function.  Lead cross-departmental initiatives to improve processes and provide regular updates on changes to the Senior Executive.
  9. Manage communication and marketing project budgets and expenses.  Forecast costs, review and approve invoices, notify stakeholders of cost variances, and perform related administrative tasks.
  10. Content Development
  11. Manage the editorial direction, and distribution of print publications.  Coordinate the appearance of print materials such as letterhead, use of logo, brochures, etc.
  12. Develop, maintain, and uphold a standard style to apply to all marketing and communication pieces.  Partner with stakeholder departments to maintain consistency in content across NLC.  Ensure that our image brand is consistently articulated in internal and external communications.
  13. Design and implement creative ideas to execute content based on industry best practice, past successes, and industry research.  Solve challenges while adhering to the goals and objectives for delivered content.
  14. Oversee the writing and editing of content for a variety of audiences and channels, including marketing collateral, presentations, print materials, and internal communications.  
  15. Media Relations
  16. Lead the develop and implementation of a comprehensive media relations and communications program that enhances the image and position of NLC in partnership with the Senior Executive and senior leaders.  Elevate NLC’s work in a coordinated fashion with our larger communications and media strategies.
  17. Manage media interest in NLC marketing and communications initiatives.  Ensure regular contact with target media and coordinate appropriate response to media requests.
  18. Champion the development of NLC’s media profile as an authority on cities, towns and villages.  Serve as a media advisor to for the leadership team, providing support to the Senior Executive and senior leaders in media relations and communications.
  19. Direct logistical support for media events.  Assign staff to provide support at NLC conferences to coordinate on-site logistics and press credentialing.
  20. Cultivate and manage partnerships with media companies to secure marketing and media placement opportunities to further the NLC brand.
  21. Research and Analysis
  22. Coordinate and oversee the collection of relevant market research to inform changes to the future direction of marketing and communication initiatives.  Monitor industry trends and recommend changes to NLC strategies when appropriate.
  23. Direct the collection of data on completed communications and marketing initiatives.  Identify trends and patterns that can be used to enhance the success of current and future initiatives.
  24. Keep informed of developments in the fields of marketing and communications, non-profit management and governance, and city advocacy.  Use this information to help NLC identify opportunities for innovation in marketing and communications efforts.  Present ideas that can maximize the success of strategic goals and initiatives to the Senior Executive for consideration.
  25. Leadership
  26. Guide and direct the efforts of assigned staff members to plan and complete work in support of marketing and communications projects.  Define individual work goals, expectations, priorities, and measures for success.
  27. Serve as a mentor and coach for staff in their assigned areas of expertise.  Review communication and marketing project deliverables for errors to ensure the accuracy and quality of delivered work.
  28. Perform functions typically associated with managing and leading others, including performance management, recruitment and selection, and compensation and policy administration.
  29. Work collaboratively with Digital Engagement and Visual Design teams in the fulfillment of overall marketing and communications goals.
  30. Serve on DEMC leadership team, working alongside the Senior Executive and other Directors to drive strategic direction and maintain a positive, productive team culture.
  31. Perform other duties and lead special projects as assigned.

Education and Experience:


  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, English, Political Science, or a related field
  • 8+ years of applicable experience
  • 2+ years of experience serving as a marketing and/or communications manager, including working closely with senior management teams
  • Demonstrated capability to coordinate complex projects on time, on budget, and error-free
  • Strong understanding of various communication styles, particularly AP
  • Adobe Acrobat and MS Office skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
  • Experience working with government entities and/or non-profit organizations preferred

Work Environment:

Work is typically performed in a standard office setting working at a desk or table on a level surface.  Periodic travel is expected to attend business meetings and events.  May be required to work more hours than normal during a regular workweek depending on workload and deadline requirements.

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