Freelance Fiction Writer

$50 per 1,500 words
Jul 11, 2019
Entry Level
Metro Area
Contract, Freelance

Freelance Fiction Writer-for-Hire

Radish Fiction, a mobile app for serialized fiction, seeks freelance writers for Radish Originals, our daily serialized stories produced in-house. Writers will be matched with a genre fiction project and be responsible for writing a minimum of 5 chapters (each 1,500 words) per week based on a detailed outline. Compensation will be $50 per chapter. This is a freelance, project-based position with long-term potential.


In order to find the best writer for each project, we are reviewing prose writing samples that demonstrate your proficiency in writing serialized fiction with a strong romantic element.

Applicants should have the following skillset:

  • Ability to write in a serialized style
  • Ability to write fast-paced action and snappy dialogue
  • Ability to write in a commercial and dramatic style
  • Interest in romantic fiction and other genres with romantic elements (Paranormal, Fantasy, YA, Thriller, Historical, etc)

  • Ability to write high-heat scenes

  • Availability to write a minimum of 5 chapters (each 1,500 words) weekly is a requirement



Approved applicants will then be matched with a project and compensated for a sample chapter.



We recommend that you read the Radish Original stories featured on our app to get a sense of the format, genre, heat level, and quality that we’re looking for.  If you're interested in this position, please send a PDF of your resume, a cover letter, and a prose writing sample (2,000 words in the romance genre) in your application.



To learn more about Radish Originals, please visit:



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