Vice President, Program Leader

New York City, New York (US)
Salary is commensurate with experience
Jul 10, 2019
Metro Area
New York
Full Time


In 2018, working together with 25 of the world’s top chief marketing officers, the ANA engineered the industry’s first global leadership agenda along with a roadmap to help CMOs around the world come together as an unparalleled force for growth. This is the ANA’s CMO Masters Circle.

Launched in June 2018 at the Cannes Lions Festival in France, this leadership agenda centers around four key drivers of growth that have become the focus of a worldwide community of CMOs:

  • Reframe Marketing: Redefine marketing as an enterprise-wide effort that is fueled by creativity and innovation to manage the entire brand experience, all revolving around the people we serve at the center.  
  • Enable the full Potential of Data & Technology: To successfully create value for consumers throughout the entire brand experience at scale, marketers will need to leverage data and technology at full potential. For most marketers, this has been a substantial challenge due to dizzying complexities and accelerated pace of transformation within the data & tech ecosystem
  • Elevate the Talent Pool for Modern Marketing: Develop the new talent and organizational workflows to drive peak performance across the existing marketing talent pool – as well as build the pipeline of marketing’s next generation of leaders, working with students and universities.
  • Positively Impact Society and Sustainability:  Develop a roadmap to enable brands to be a force for good and a force for growth – individually and together as a community – by using marketing for positive impact on society & sustainability in a way that drives growth.

In one year, we’ve moved from nothing, to an unprecedented global powerhouse – and we’re just getting started. Since June 2018, hundreds more CMOs have joined the efforts of the CMO Masters Circle through twenty working groups held around the world including San Diego, Dubai, Orlando, London, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, France and Dallas, among others.

No one else in the world is doing this. No one is bringing together the brightest minds in marketing around the world – at the scope and scale as ANA and Cannes Lions – and turning global leadership into ACTION! And now we are expanding our senior team to help meet the ambitious objectives that have been established to change the industry’s future. This position is directly helping to drive the future direction of the marketing industry.


  • We are seeking a passionate and proactive individual to help the ANA activate and engage the worldwide community of CMOs in the pursuit of the goals of the CMO Masters Circle Agenda.

This role will lead the implementation of industry-wide initiatives that involve chief marketing officers from around the world in collaboration with best-in-class subject matter experts. Tasks include:

  • Managing highly complex leadership programs that involve multiple parties and participants from around the world to achieve ambitious objectives;
  • Effectively communicating with and providing clear direction to individuals at all levels, but primarily executive-level marketers and world-class subject matter experts;
  • Creating and managing project plans that direct all stakeholders to achieve objectives;
  • Keeping all stakeholders informed of their expected deliverables, progress and any actions they need to take in order to achieve desired outcomes;
  • Helping to identify ways to measure success and report progress as often as necessary;
  • Creating and delivering communications that will motivate chief marketers and other stakeholders to take the actions or become engaged in whatever way that helps to achieve the group’s objectives. This includes attendance at events in various regions around the world, team calls and webexes, press interviews or video sessions;
  • Recording and summarizing key takeaways from meetings or events to report back to team stakeholders and, where appropriate, the community of CMOs from all over the world;
  • Working collaboratively with senior-level colleagues across the ANA’s business units and support departments, the ANA’s partners, affiliates and any other stakeholders involved in each initiative;
  • Proactively leading initiatives in an entrepreneurial way while keeping manager and any key stakeholders informed of progress and actions, they must take to help meet objectives;
  • Working with managers and other stakeholders to create strategic plans for the leadership initiatives, and manage implementation;
  • Working with internal and external resources to develop marketing and promotional communications as well as digital experiences as necessary;
  • Leading development of desired experiences that will provide valuable engagement for all involved stakeholders – primarily in-person events and virtual leadership communities. 



    Qualifying for this position normally requires the following:

    • Moderate travel required for events and meetings with member companies and/or partners and stakeholders, as warranted to advance the program’s objectives;
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills for providing direction to support resources, external partners and internal departments, C-level executives and administrative support professionals;
    • Strong strategic acumen with knowledge of modern marketing strategies that drive business growth and societal good. Understand the roles and responsibilities of chief marketing officers and how to effectively engage them in conversations and initiatives that provide value to them personally and to their teams;
    • Possess a strong desire to work in a proactive, autonomous way, yet keep manager and stakeholders involved and updated as appropriate;
    • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications and/or business fields;
    • 7-10 years of relevant experience, and passionate about infinitely expanding your knowledge of all things related to modern marketing. Client service and/or agency experience a plus.