Health and Wellness Writer, The Remedy

The Remedy
Working from home
Jul 23, 2019
Metro Area
New York

The company behind Eat This, Not That! and Best Life just launched a health and wellness brand called The Remedy—and we want you to write for it.

The Remedy provides simple, science-based solutions for people who want to face down disease and live a longer, happier life. The content, aimed at an audience 50 and older, lives on, Microsoft's homepage, reaching millions of uniques daily.

Our recent hits include the below (please click each to read):

The 50 Unhealthiest Habits on the Planet

40 Things Doctors Do To Live Longer

40 Things Cardiologist Do to Protect Their Hearts

50 Unexpected Health Problems After 50

70 Things You Should Never Do for Your Health

...and we're looking for writers to create stories just like those: long and blurby (but done quickly); thoroughly-researched (with studies or interviews with experts); engaging (we want lively, authoritative voices); and actionable. Your goal is to provide solutions for people, not just get clicks.

  • This is a freelance position that can be done from anywhere. You won't come to the office. 
  • The pay is competitive. And we pay fast.
  • You'd do a set number of stories per month—up to 15—thus guaranteeing steady income. We're hoping to build relationships that last. But let's start with one or two and make sure it's a good fit.

Please send a cover letter and three writing samples that prove you can do what we're looking for, and we can take it from there. Extra points if you have a network of expert sources and familiarity with medical journals. Obviously, experience in writing health and wellness content a necessity.

Note: Generic cover letters will result in immediate deletion—sorry. We need thoughtful, talented candidates who have read this job description, and have read those Remedy stories, and know they can do this awesome job awesomely.

Thanks for considering!

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