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Aug 02, 2019
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Request for Proposals


Freelance Copy Editing Services for International

Energy and Regulatory-Related Documents

Solicitation Number: NARUC-2019-RFP-089-AID042&AID049


Released: August 1, 2019

Responses Due: August 23, 2019 (5:00 pm Eastern)



International Department

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

1101 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 200

Washington, D.C. 20005


  • Introduction

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1889 and based in Washington, D.C. Its members include the governmental agencies that are engaged in the regulation of utilities and carriers in the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.  NARUC's mission is to serve the public interest by improving the quality and effectiveness of public utility regulation. NARUC’s members are State officials and agencies charged with the duty of regulating electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, and water utilities within their respective borders.  As such, these officials have the obligation to assure the establishment of such electric and natural gas utility facilities as may be required by the public convenience and necessity, and the furnishing of dependable service at rates that are just and reasonable.                                           

More than twenty years ago, NARUC expanded its outlook beyond the U.S. and now assists public utility regulators around the world in addressing many new and complex regulatory issues they are facing.  NARUC currently has projects in Africa, Asia, Central/Latin America, and Europe and Eurasia. The majority of NARUC’s international programs are funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) or the Department of State. 


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to select suitable freelance contractors (individuals or entities) to provide excellent copy editing services to its International Programs department. This will include review of a variety of technical and/or programmatic reports on energy and regulatory issues. The copy editor shall be responsible for ensuring that NARUC reports, deliverables, PowerPoint presentations, communications materials and other content are free of grammar, punctuation, formatting and spelling errors. The copy editor will ensure consistency, accuracy and clarity of reports in compliance with USAID requirements, NARUC expectations, and style guidelines.  The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of USAID terminology and language and be comfortable editing technical subjects such as energy, electricity, utility regulation, and others

This support is meant to address the following goals and needs:

  • Ensure consistent “voice” for documents written by more than one author.
  • Ensure readability and apply standard grammar styles on documents written by non-native English speakers.

The work will be delivered in electronic format. The scope of each task, deadline for completion and other modalities will be mutually agreed upon.

For smaller documents, NARUC may occasionally make urgent requests with little or same day notice to provide copy editing with a maximum turnaround time of 24-48 hours.

Period of Performance

NARUC is seeking to offer a contract through the current end of its funding mechanism(s).  Therefore for projects under our Europe & Eurasia USAID cooperative agreement, the current period of performance ends September 29, 2020.  For projects under our Energy Division cooperative agreement (covering Africa, Asia and Latin America), the current period of performance ends August 1, 2021.   

Grant Requirements

The work for this RFP will be undertaken as part of the United States Agency for International Development Cooperative Agreements, AID-OAA-A-16-00042 (ERPP) or AID-OAA-A-16-00049 (ESTEEM), with NARUC.

Respondent must be able to ensure compliance with any Standard Provisions and Special Terms and Conditions in conduct of the work under this Agreement imposed by NARUC and/or USAID in Annex X. All provisions of 2 CFR 200 and 2 CFR 700 and all Standard Provisions are applicable to the recipient, and to sub-recipients. "Standard Provisions for Non-US Nongovernmental Grantees" applies to all sub-awards made with Non-US sub-recipients found at the following link

NARUC will ensure compliance with monitoring procedures in accordance with 2 CFR 200 and 2 CFR 700.

Reference: ANNEXES 1 and 2 USAID Mandatory Standard Provisions for U.S. Non-governmental Organizations – NARUC / USAID Cooperative Agreement AID-OAA-A-16-00042 and AID-OAA-A-16-00049.


 Authorized Geographic Code: The authorized geographic code for this procurement of services is 935. In accordance with ADS 310.3.1.13), revised March 20, 2012, code 935 any area or country including the recipient country, but excluding any country that is a prohibited source. Please see Annexes ADS 310 for further details.

Note on applicants’ eligibility: All applicants must meet the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Eligibility Rules for Goods and Services, as defined in section M8 of the USAID Mandatory Requirements and Standard Provisions (Annexes 1 and 2), USAID ELIBILITY RULES FOR GOOD AND SERVICES (JUNE 2012).


  Responding to the RFP

Ms. Erin Hammel, Director of International Programs, ehammel@naruc.orgAll questions, submissions and communications should be sent via email to:

Ms. Isabella Arce, Administrative Coordinator, International Programs,


  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, communications, writing, rhetoric, social sciences or a related field.
  • Previous experience with international development work, particularly in energy or other technical subject areas. Knowledge of USAID terminologies highly preferred.
  • Minimum of three (3) years of professional copyediting or editorial experience.
  • Outstanding attention to detail and exceptional proofreading skills.
  • English fluency (reading and writing) required.
  • Experience working with MLA, AP, or Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Excellent Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint skills.
  • Ability to handle tight deadlines in a professional manner.

Proposals shall address the following and should not exceed 8 pages:

  • Introduction – A short presentation of the individual or entity (company) including the structure of the company or resume for individuals. State the length of time the bidder has been in business and the type of copy editing services provided, especially noting experience with energy terminology and editing documents drafted by non-native English speakers.  This section should address the candidate’s qualifications as outlined above.
  • Reference List – A list of at least three references, including client name, organization, email and telephone contact information for similar work performed by the applicant. 
  • Cost Proposal – Please define a cost proposal structure that addresses treatment of reports (word document), infographics and PowerPoint Presentations.  Please indicate if there are different rate structures for different response times (ex. urgent jobs).   

Clarification of Proposals

NARUC may, at its discretion, ask any bidder for clarification about qualifications and experience to assist in the examination, evaluation and comparison of bidders. The request for clarification and the response shall be in writing.

Period of validity of proposals

Proposals shall remain valid for 180 days after the date of Proposal submission.

  Consultant Selection & Evaluation Criteria

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by staff members of NARUC’s International Department.  NARUC will shortlist individuals and companies according to the following criteria:

  • Experience with performing required services
  • Quality of service, including timely responses
  • Ability to perform services requested
  • Cost effectiveness

NARUC seeks the best quality services at the best rate.


Rejection of Proposals & Incurred Costs

NARUC reserves the right to reject any or all submitted proposals not in conformance with this RFP, or for other causes.  NARUC shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the Respondent prior to the execution of a contract. 


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