Publishing Company Seeks Book-Loving Assistant with Writing Skills for Wide Variety of Tasks

Working from home
$22-$28 per hour
Aug 30, 2019
Metro Area
Freelance, Part Time

Muonic Press is a small publishing company that's growing rapidly. With nearly a dozen authors working with us and several books being released every month, we're at the point where we need to start delegating out some work in a few areas.

To be right for this position, your writing skills need to be on-point, you need to be able to take directions (and follow them), think for yourself, be on the lookout for improvements we can make to our processes and generally be an awesome self-motivated, fast-learning person. Loving books and wanting to be around best-selling authors is also a plus.

You'll need to know how to use Facebook (pages and groups, primarily) proficiently, operate Word/Excel well and either have some basic Photoshop and Wordpress knowledge or be skilled enough to pick up on the basics fairly quickly. 

A lot of what you'll be doing is interacting with our readers in various forms, like composing newsletters, writing Facebook posts for our author pages, moderating our groups and replying to some of the fan mail that comes in via email/FB Messenger. Because of this you will need to be personable, friendly and on-point with your writing.

The ideal candidate will be doing a variety of tasks, starting at around 10-20 hours of work per week ($22/hour). Tasks include the following:

- Composing a variety of "casual" and "promotional" FB posts intended to help strengthen our connection to our audience of readers across multiple genres
- Writing weekly newsletters and one-off newsletters according to a schedule and special requests
- Keeping our Wordpress-based author sites up to date with our latest book releases, ensuring they're linked properly and potentially writing short blog posts in the voice of our authors
- Interacting with readers as the face of the author/page/company in comment replies, moderation of our reader FB groups, replying to emails, etc.
- Researching other author/publisher pages/newsletters/websites, proactively coming up with new post/newsletter/interaction suggestions and testing them, then comparing reader responses in an objective, data-oriented way. (If you're reading this, mention the phrase "brown m&m" somewhere in your application so that we know you've read this long list of items.)
- Skimming/reading chapters of our new releases in various genres in order to write compelling marketing copy for use in FB/newsletter/etc.
- Handling day-to-day tasks that come through, such as loading up manuscripts into a web application for our readers to comment on, formatting manuscripts for publishing (in MS Word), performing research/data processing/entry tasks and others as they come up.
- Generally being available to assist with tasks that come up in a timely manner.

The *really* ideal candidate will be doing the above, plus be skilled (or show a willingness to learn and become skilled) in the following ($28/hour):

- Basic/intermediate Facebook/Amazon advertising management (setting up new ads, checking ads daily and adjusting budgets/keywords/targets according to how well they're doing, proactively searching for new best practices and methods for advertising, researching how to stay on top of the competition, etc)
- More advanced Wordpress/website management, including creating pages for advertising testing
- Handling of some author affairs within the company, such as keeping up with deadlines, coordinating book launches and ensuring general processes are running smoothly.

You'll largely be assisting and working with Muonic's owner, but after learning some of the basic day-to-day skills to ensure that you're a good fit, you'll be working with our co-authors directly as well.

We're looking for someone who fits as many of the criteria above, but even if you don't fit them all, if you're a fast learner and very self-directed, you may be a better fit than someone who ticks all the boxes but isn't fast on their feet and motivated to learn.

To apply, please include the following information:

1. Your resume, including relevant work experience
2. A brief rundown of the skills/experience/requirements that you meet AND the ones you don't (along with your thoughts on how you'll adapt to address them)
3. Why you, specifically, would be perfect for this role
4. Your favorite trashy/throwaway/pulp book. Not something life-changing or eye-opening, but the best piece of pulp you've read. 

Once we've received some applications, we'll reach out to the top candidates with any additional questions, schedule a phone interview and go from there. (Please note that signing a basic contractor agreement and NDA will be required of the final candidate before work begins.)

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