Assistant Editor

06111, Newington
$19.24 to $23.09 per hour
Sep 05, 2019
Editor / Editorial
Metro Area
Full Time

Summary of Position:

The Assistant Editor is part of the Production Department, and is primarily responsible for the developmental editing, copyediting, fact-checking, and (where necessary) rewriting of features and columns for the monthly amateur radio publication QST (and other ARRL periodicals as assigned), ARRL e-publications (e-newsletters, e-books, etc.), and ARRL books, according to the respective house styles, as well as formatting QST manuscripts and ARRL books using the corresponding templates. The Assistant Editor may also be given feature writing assignments, primarily for QST.

When his or her workload permits, the Assistant Editor will edit copy submitted by other departments (marketing, development, education, etc.) to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and usage, and to promote consistency of ARRL house style across all departments. The Assistant Editor will also perform clerical/administrative duties as assigned.

This is a full-time, on-staff, on-premises job, based in Newington, Connecticut.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Edit material for QST and other ARRL publications
  • Edit material for ARRL books
  • Edit ARRL e-publications
  • Write material for QST
  • Write social media posts and other digital content
  • Format/template manuscripts
  • Maintain style sheets for ARRL publications
  • Communicate with ARRL staff and editorial freelancers

Expectations: The Assistant Editor will edit written materials to a degree such that they are properly formatted, free from factual errors, free from errors in English language usage and ARRL style, and ready for layout and production. Work is to be done in a timely manner that takes press deadlines into consideration.

Knowledge and Skills: Excellent command of the English language — proper spelling, grammar, usage

                                       Excellent reading comprehension skills

                                       Incisive developmental and copyediting ability, including:

  • Editing for clarity of meaning
  • Editing for focus
  • Editing for economy of language
  • Putting information in a logical order
  • Fact-checking

   Strong research skills


   Strong organizational skills


   Strong writing ability


   Ability to prioritize multiple tasks


   Ability to meet multiple deadlines


Experience: 2-3 years professional experience (or the equivalent) in writing, developmental editing, and copyediting for print, digital, and social media.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in English, Communications, or Journalism.

Interpersonal Skills: The ability to be clear, specific, and courteous in spoken and written communication.

Physical Requirements: Job is primarily sedentary. No physical exertion required.

Work Environment: Office.