Design Assistant

New York City, New York (US)
Nov 08, 2019
Entry Level
Metro Area
New York
Full Time


The Design Assistant reports to the Creative Director, HMH Books for Young Readers, in the New York office of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He or she is responsible for handling various administrative tasks, assisting the design team, providing support, and designing projects as assigned by Creative Director.



  • Responsible for tracking incoming and outgoing original valuable artwork (this includes counting, cataloging, and storing) *
  • Send out artwork for scanning to production for hi res final scans
  • Responsible for the safe return of original artwork (i.e.: send insurance and mailing instructions, package artwork for shipping, arrange receiving with illustrators, coordinate with mailroom) *
  • Store and organize packing materials for original artwork

Jacket meetings

  • Responsible for preparation of materials for weekly jacket meetings. (i.e.: This entails scheduling the weekly meeting, booking the appropriate rooms, collecting cover designs to be presented from designers, and creating a digital presentation.
  • Store and organize meeting materials by week for future use/reference

Meetings/Office Supplies

  • Makes certain that rooms are booked for weekly jacket meetings, weekly design meetings, and other non-standard meetings
  • Responsible for ordering supplies for the design department

Provides assistance for the design team

  • Provides design and some administrative support to the Creative Director
  • Provides design support to designers for YA, middle grade, nonfiction, and picture books including covers and interiors as needed
  • Works closely with design team. A great opportunity to learn about the publishing and all the different stages of a book’s design from conception to approval through delivery of final materials to production
  • Has a finger on the pulse of up and coming artist talent. Helps to find new artists and pitch ideas to editorial with the assistance of the Creative Director for upcoming projects
  • Designs and manages own list of titles, including but not limited to, paperback reprints and repackages, cover and interior designs.
  • Creates physical dummies of books for sales materials


  • Responsible for handling and processing payment for invoices



  • BFA in Art or Graphic Design or comparable experience
  • The candidate must be proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator and have working knowledge of type and design
  • Experience with Microsoft Office
  • Ability to attend to details and manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Candidate must have excellent attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills
  • A Creative mind and collaborate work style  


  • An enthusiasm for Children’s Books

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