Marketing Consultant for B2B Cannabis Media Company

Working from home
$25/hour or more DoE, plus substantial commissions/performance bonuses
Nov 10, 2019
Metro Area

WeedWeek, a successful cannabis media company, is expanding our product offerings to include exclusive market research. We are seeking a driven Marketing Consultant to create and lead execution on a comprehensive marketing strategy for these new reports. Hours are flexible. Location is too. Pay is negotiable but will be a solid hourly rate with substantial performance bonuses. Cannabis industry experience not required.

You will identify target customers for published reports focussed on four states and create pitch and marketing strategies required to achieve sales goals. You will design a time frame for accomplishing goals, potentially monitoring milestones and driving marketing plans to fruition.



You will be:

• Able to identify target customers and craft marketing strategies tailored for the cannabis industry

• Responsible for developing advertising campaigns across various channels, both online and in-person.

• Possibly assisting with execution such as attending events, emailing, taking pitch materials to brick-and-mortar businesses, etc.

•Collaborate with sales team


You will have access to:
• Current mailing list of 11,000+ newsletter subscribers, Plus more than 1,000+ leads

• Business reports for four states already completed and available for purchase on our online store, with more to come by the end of the year.

• Senior level personal and business contacts within the marijuana business community.

• High-quality newsletter, podcast, and business content. (WeedWeek’s editor and founder is an experienced journalist and the publication strives to follow journalism ethics as practiced by reputable news organizations. You should regard this as an asset.)

• Excellent graphic style, brand, and brand personalities already crafted


The ideal candidate:


• Possesses the drive and creativity to craft an overall marketing plan and increase sales opportunities through diversified and creative mediums.

• Strong background in both online strategies (social media, SEO, email, online ad campaigns) as well as in-person strategies (print materials, events, word-of-mouth, personal contacts)

• Exceptional organization skills – can handle multiple projects at the same time while communicating effectively.

• Maintains high standards for content and execution. Has a critical eye for design and writing materials in communicating brand standards. Good taste, a sense of aesthetics and a love for great copy.

• Must be tech-savvy and be comfortable with various marketing tools and adjacent technologies.

• Have an intuitive understanding of how to organize efforts in a cost-effective manner, starting with a more modest budget and scaling from there.

• Ownership. We are seeking someone who will take pride in our brand and the quality of the reports we offer, and who is personally invested in the overall success of the company.



Compensation DOE - We are open to both experienced marketers and hungry freelancers looking to build their portfolio. Reply with a resume, sample of work or a case study, a range for an hourly rate, and a short statement about how you would tailor your strategy for a cannabis business market.



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