About TravelHost

TravelHost® consists of a network of independent entrepreneur publishers who desire to be in the sales and marketing business, affording them independence through ownership and community recognition. Our Publishers are actively involved in their communities through established relationships with their local businesses and with the travel and hospitality industries.

TravelHost is the most widely read travel magazine in the nation and is the media of choice for thousands of advertisers.  Through this in-room circulation, websites, mobile app and social media, our publishers introduce vacationers and business travelers to local places to eatshop, and have fun.

TravelHost is made up of a network of independent HOME-BASED entrepreneurs, known as “Publishers,” that love what they do and have complete authority over all of their own business rules.  Media and other successful B2B salespeople find the TravelHost system of comprehensive back-of-the-house support allows them to FOCUS on selling advertising and building relationships to create STRONG PERSONAL INCOME.  

With more than 50 markets currently publishing a TravelHost magazine and 50 years of company history and experience, our headquarters office and staff are a superior support system from everything to ad sales strategy, ad design, full magazine layout and printing. You are in business for yourself but absolutely not by yourself! 

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