Premiere Creative

About Premiere Creative

Premiere Creative, deep into our 3rd decade, is a boutique digital agency located just outside Manhattan via NJ Transit, representing clients from the fashion, beauty, wedding, home goods, medical, education, real estate, and entertainment industries. 

Your position encompasses

• Social Media Content Creation
• Influencer Marketing
• Building Paid Social Campaigns

The pace is fast, the emails are constant, and every day presents new challenges. Employees, current and former, agree that the expectations for excellence are daunting. Your best, is really not the best you can be. Unlike other agencies, you will never be channeled into a narrow niched leaving your future limited. Here you have the opportunity to become more talented, formidable, and skilled in your work. There's no resting on your laurels, every day we are trying to be 1% better. Work hard and be enthusiastic. We are extremely loyal and good to our staff. 

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