WCVB Intern - Fall 2023

Hearst Television, Needham, MA, United States

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Duration: Freelance

WCVB-TV offers paid internships in the departments below. In order to apply for an internship at WCVB, please provide a cover letter with your application.

The cover letter should include:

• Department preference

• Available start and end dates. Fall internship begins after Labor Day through December 15th.

• Days and hours available to intern

• Briefly state your main objectives for participating in WCVB-TV internship (please be specific)

• What are your strongest areas of interest

Application Deadlines 

• Fall: July 15, 2023



Newsroom interns will spend 10-12 weeks shadowing and gaining experience in the following departments:

Assignment Desk

  • Assist team members in gathering news and information. This includes taking and placing telephone calls from reporters, sources, governments agencies and general public.
  • May also assist in research and other tasks.

TV News Production

  • Practice writing and formatting scripts for broadcast.
  • Time in the field shadowing reporters or anchors at a live report is possible but not guaranteed due to COVID safety conditions

Digital News Production

  • Help research and write content for WCVB digital platforms including the WCVB app, and various social media platforms.
  • When appropriate, the opportunity to help with photo and video production for digital platforms may be available

Photographers and Logistics

  • Assist team members with field work and news gathering

Internships are scheduled based on mutual availability and academic schedule and requirements, but typically consist of three, 8-hour shifts per week



"CityLine" is Channel 5's award-winning urban news and feature magazine program. The program focuses on the issues, concerns, and news affecting the Commonwealth's communities of color. The topics can range from social justice inequities to ethnic restaurants and everything in between.

  • Learn to research story ideas for weekly show production
  • Pre-screen and book guests: may include pre-interview phone calls to guests or communications with managers
  • Assist with field productions
  • Learn to write program promotions and in-studio interview questions
  • Accommodate guests on Wednesday morning tape days
  • Learn to create smooth transitions between recorded segments
  • Learn to write web summaries for upcoming shows

The most unique part of the internship is the semester long guidance resulting in producing your own half hour show at the conclusion of the internship

Shifts are normally 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Thursdays are show days and are a highly encouraged shift to include in the internship. CityLine is not staffed on the weekends. *Writing samples are required.


5 Investigates

The intern in 5 Investigates is supervised by the Executive Producer of Special Projects. The individual for this position should have an interest in investigative journalism and be prepared to experience the deadline pressure of the investigative team. Familiarity with newsroom operations or television production is a plus. Must have strong writing ability and computer knowledge. Special consideration is given to applicants who have worked on a student newspaper, radio, or television station.

Interns will learn to:

  • Assist in creating content for medical and consumer reports and investigative stories.
  • Assist producers in story research, public documents.
  • Learn to log video footage and find appropriate archival video. The intern will also have the opportunity to observe interviews.
  • Practice writing, story selection & promotion choices for broadcast or digital.
  • May accompany crews in the field but not guaranteed due to COVID safety conditions.

Internships are normally scheduled between the hours of 9:00AM and 6:00 PM weekdays depending on academic schedule and requirements. 5 Investigates is not staffed on the weekends



Interns should be well versed in both the Boston and national sports scenes (college and professional). The ability to converse about the hot sports topics of the day is a MUST. Interns should have working knowledge of the local sports scene (i.e., aware of managers, head coaches and star players of the four local professional teams) and be conversational on major national sports stories and events.

Interns will learn to:

  • Monitor national insider twitter sports feeds/accounts for any breaking sports news.
  • Log all sports events recorded by the Sports staff.
  • Write scripts for daily sportscast.
  • Research team and player statistics.
  • Pitch story ideas to sports department
  • May accompany reporters on location shoots but not guaranteed due to COVID safety conditions

Internships will typically require afternoon and evening availability


Public Relations & Programming

The Public Relations & Programming Department at WCVB Channel 5 plays an integral role in the promotion of the station’s programming and the image of station and personnel. This department is in constant communication with other media outlets (newspapers, magazines, radio stations) regarding WCVB’s programming, staff, ratings, and other newsworthy events/items. Public Relations & Programming also acts as an intermediary with outside groups who have requested a speaker/host/moderator from among our staff. In addition, the department handles various inquiries from viewers including requests for tours, autographs, and questions about WCVB.

WCVB's Public Relations department is responsible for the acquisition and scheduling of syndicated programs (The Jennifer Hudson ShowLIVE with Kelly and Ryan, etc.) and local programming (ChronicleOTR and CityLine). This department is in daily contact with ABC’s affiliate relations department regarding network programming. It is this department’s responsibility to keep all internal departments, TV listing services and major Boston news outlets apprised of WCVB’s most up-to-date program schedule and programming information.

Interns will learn to:

  • Monitor media (newspapers, magazines, web, etc.) daily for industry-related articles.
  • Archive materials for the station’s clip file.
  • Conduct station tours.
  • Maintain anchors/reporter’s bios, photos, and files.
  • Write press releases, advisories, articles, etc.
  • Assist in promoting WCVB programming by drafting Tweets and Facebook posts.
  • Monitor and respond to press and program inquiries from viewers.
  • Assist with public relations and community service campaigns.
  • Draft memos and letters upon request.
  • Screen current programs for potential issues or concerns.
  • Screen proposed programming for possible acquisition.
  • Assist program director, public relations manager and programming administrator as needed.
  • Assist Programming & Communications Director, Public Relations Manager, and Programming Administrator as needed

Although hours are flexible, because of the nature of the internship, students must be available to participate in station tours from 11:15 AM-12:45 PM.


Creative Services

WCVB’s Creative Services department is responsible for the branding and promotional development of the station. The intern will gain a general understanding of how a television Creative Services department runs. They will learn the fundamentals of writing and producing effective topical promotion for News Center 5 and Chronicle, our nightly news magazine show.

  • Learn the fundamentals of writing and producing effective news topical promotion.
  • Explore broadcast and digital marketing and learn the responsibilities of the Creative Services Department.
  • Gain production experience on promotional and commercial shoots, both in-house and on location.
  • Observe unlimited newscasts and editing sessions.
  • Draft topical copy for NewsCenter 5 and for Chronicle, our nightly newsmagazine show, as well as other special news segments.
  • Gain an understanding of WCVB’s commitment to the community through PSA production.
  • Apply writing and communication skills in a professional environment.

Shifts are normally 9:00am – 5:00pm, but we try to work with students on a case-by-case basis on setting hours. We are not staffed on weekends.


Sales Marketing

The Sales Marketing intern will develop a working knowledge of the business side of advertising. How the sales department can help come up with creative concepts for advertisers and sponsors.

Interns will learn to:

  • Develop sales promotional pieces, client mailings, contest fulfillment and on-air production assistance.
  • Gather research and ratings data for the development of sales marketing literature.
  • Attend sales meetings and sales calls when appropriate.
  • Assist in sales promotion video production.
  • Generate client specific reports

Internships are normally 9:00am – 5:00pm, but we try to work with students on a case-by-case basis on setting hours. We are not staffed on weekends.


Broadcast Technical Operations

The Technical Operations internship resides within WCVB’s Engineering department. This internship includes actual “hands on” operation of equipment under the observation of permanent tech op staff members. The goal of this internship is to expose the student to real world daily technical operations in a television station. The training of the interns would be similar to what would be taught in a vocational/technical school.

The internship program lasts 12 weeks. Each intern will gain a general understanding of the following technical areas:

  • Control Room/Studio Operations (Floor Direct, Robos, Audio, TD)
  • Air Operations (Master Control/Air Assist)
  • ENG Receive
  • IT

After completing time in each of the above areas, the remainder of the program will be designated for students to return to their area(s) of choice to gain additional training. The intern's scheduled days will remain the same from week to week however, hours will vary.

Equipment Use: WCVB-TV is a union shop. As the purpose of the internship is to gain training in the technical areas, students will be allowed to touch and train on the technical equipment. Use of the equipment will be limited and closely supervised and monitored.

The intern's scheduled days will remain the same from week to week however, hours will vary between early mornings and evenings.



***Please note: All candidates for internships with StormTeam 5 MUST be enrolled in a meteorology curriculum or closely related program of study.

Many StormTeam 5 interns have gone on to terrific careers in broadcast meteorology. In an internship at WCVB we stress analyzing and forecasting first, followed by storytelling and graphics production. Both TWC MAX and Baron Lynx weather graphics systems are used – WCVB is the only station in New England that uses both systems.

Interns will learn to:

  • Analyze weather charts and models
  • Prepare daily forecasts
  • Produce weather graphics
  • Assist meteorologists in gathering critical & breaking weather information and data
  • Relay important information to/from News, Assignment Desk, and Web
  • Research statistical data
  • Practice forecast delivery in-studio
  • Assist with social media efforts and email communication

Interns will also have the opportunity to attend editorial and news meetings

Internship days and hours are flexible. Internships are scheduled based on mutual availability and academic schedule and requirements.



Chronicle is WCVB’s nightly news magazine and is the longest running,

locally produced news magazine program in the country. Chronicle presents a mix of features on the people, places, and stories of New England.


Interns will learn to:

  • Conduct research, including researching footage from old shows and news tapes, as well as via the Internet and phone calls.
  • Update repeat shows for re-air.
  • Answer viewer calls.
  • Archive nightly shows.
  • Assist producers with logging video footage from shoots

Interns may have the opportunity to attend field shoots with producers

Chronicle is looking for candidates who can commit to at least 24 hours a week. Internships are normally 10:00AM-6:00PM but will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on students’ schedules. Chronicle is not staffed on weekends.



The goal of the Research department's internship is to provide an understanding of audience television viewing information and its applications. The Research intern should have a business/math/numbers background.

Interns will learn to:

  • Assist with the dissemination and interpretation of audience viewing data from the television research company, Nielsen.
  • Conduct WCVB-TV’s exclusive, annual consumer market survey of the Greater Boston Marketplace which examines purchase behavior, demographics, and media usage of Boston viewers.
  • Track local and network specials on WCVB-TV and competitive stations.
  • Generate viewership data for sales, news, and Chronicle.
  • Assist with projects that deal with audience viewership trends.

Internships are normally 9:00am – 5:00pm, but we try to work with students on a case-by-case basis on setting hours based on students’ schedules. We are not staffed on weekends.


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