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Salary: Short term, <2 weeks, freelance job. Competitive hourly rate.

Level: manager

Duration: freelance

This is a well-paid, short term freelance gig to make 1-2 web stories. Please apply if you are a seriously experienced writer, with a knack for short visual stories, preferably with some art direction skill also.

Millions of Americans are in debt over their heads, and countless thousands are victims of harassing and abusive debt collection from debt collectors that break Federal law (the FDCPA). We are a law firm that represents thousands of victims, and we want to explore using WEB STORIES as a new medium to reach, educate, and solicit new potential clients. A web story is a mini-web page that's made for mobile phones. We can handle the technical part, but we need your help with the approach, the writing, and the art direction. We have tons of real client complaints (a few sentences or paragraphs) which we can share with you, to give you a sense of the actual crimes/harassment, and can give you a primer on the law.

Here's a quick demo that we made in-house (best to look on your mobile phone, but you can see a simulation on your computer): -- Your final result will have superficial visual similarites, and likely have a loosely similar structure, and in the ballpark of 200 words spread over ~9 panels.

I'm not sure the best way to deal with compensation, but to give you a flavor, we suspect it might be like $60/hour for 25 hours. We're interested in quality work, so please propose a rate that will motivate you. The actual # hours will depend on how fast you work. Work will be iterative, showing us drafts. Again, I suspect it might be 20-40 hours, as a guess, for you to immerse yourself in the topic.

Submission will take you just a minute or two, and we hope to hire by the end of the week.

In your submission, please include your resume, and/or an interesting article with your byline (the closest to consumer law, finance, or consumer rights, the better), and if you have it, also include a link to anything visual like an Instagram story, web story, or other highly visual form. 

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Lemberg Law is a leading, national consumer law firm that specializes in protecting consumer from debt abuse from over-aggressive creditors (ie, violations of the Federal FDCPA). 

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