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Hybrid in-office/remote work opportunity for highly-qualified candidates

The Marketing Director is responsible for the coordination of all marketing and social media and networking activities of the Bank; ensures marketing activities are in compliance with state and federal regulations; develops various marketing concepts, objectives, materials, advertisements, programs, press releases, and other special events approved by Senior Management and the Board of Directors. Provides guidance and coordinates implementation efforts with respect to the installation of new or existing products and services. The Marketing Officer is also responsible for being the primary contact of public relations and media contacts, advertising, and certain business development activities that promote the spirit, philosophy, dedication, and general direction of the Bank.


  1. Directly supervises and coordinates all marketing and social media and networking activities outlined in the Bank’s annual Marketing Plan and Program approved by the Board of Directors and Senior Management. Creates, schedules, and maintains all social media platforms, responds to negative comments as outlined in the Bank’s Social Media procedures.

  1. Develops and implements marketing and advertising programs to ensure market awareness of the products and services available to new and existing customers.

  1. Research and designs digital lay-outs. (Mobile, statement onserts, Constant Contact messages, website, JHA messages).

  1. Develops, implements, maintains and monitors the results of the Bank’s social media and networking sites, concepts, objectives, materials, advertisements, programs, blogs, press releases and other special events as directed.

  1. Works with Senior Management to promote current lending and operational programs of various capacities.

  1. Keeps abreast of changes in federal and state banking regulations; ensures that changes are implemented in a timely fashion.

  1. Works with branch staff to increase visibility in target market areas by representing the company in various civic and community functions for the purpose of enhancing its image and developing new business.

  1. Will be available (as needed), after business hours and weekends to attend various Bank functions and events in order to promote the Bank to business, civic and community organizations.

  1. Develops a broad marketing concept; directs market research projects; recommends methods for developing existing markets and opening new ones for customer services.

  1. Performs duties as the Bank’s primary contact for public, community, media, advertising agency and related vendor relations.

  1. Controls the company’s press relations and assists Senior Management in public and press relations matters.

  1. Develops and coordinates advertising and promotional programs based on need, feasibility and types required to increase profits.

  1. Participates in the establishment of new products and services.

  1. Keeps informed of competitive situations and of new, successful ideas and methods in the marketing and public relations field.

  1. Acts as a liaison with professional advertising agencies; details advertising programs designed to obtain maximum penetration per dollar expended.

  1. Represents the Bank at various community, business, and educational functions to foster an awareness of the Bank’s services.

  1. Coordinates and participates in various business development activities and Bank sponsored functions; plans and organizes special promotions and events in regards to planning social Bank functions or special events.

  1. Formulates and implements a creative program for business development and sales promotion from within the Bank.

  1. Develops, implements and maintains any related Bank policies, procedures and processes to ensure compliance with the Bank’s Marketing Plan and Program requirements;

  1. Manages the Bank’s identity program, including signs, stationery, literature, posters, and all other visual elements of the Bank’s marketing activities.

  1. Participates in the creation and development of advertising copy for displays, newspapers, radio, television, and social media and networking; assists in decisions involving layout, scheduling, and vendor choices.

  1. Responds to inquiries or refers inquiries to the appropriate department or person, while exhibiting the necessary follow through with customers and/or staff involved.

  1. May assist the Chief Operating Officer in implementing cost controls for marketing campaigns and monitors expenses to ensure compliance with budget.

  1. Supports an independent audit of the Bank’s Marketing Plan and Program.

  1. Consistently applies superior decision making techniques pertaining to inquiries, approvals and requests as they apply to existing policies and procedures, keeping within assigned approval limits and using these instances as learning tools for employee development.

  1. Assumes responsibility for special projects; gathers data and prepares reports for Senior Management, audits and other personnel.

  1. Processes, solves and answers complex customer transactions, problems or inquiries.

  1. Operates computer terminal or personal computer to process account activity, determine balances and resolve problems within given authority.

  1. Answers telephones, answers questions and directs callers to proper Bank personnel.

  1. Treats people with respect; keeps commitments; inspires the trust of others; works ethically and with integrity; upholds organizational values; accepts responsibility for own actions.

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of and adherence to EEO policy; shows respect and sensitivity for cultural differences; educates others on the value of diversity; promotes working environment free of harassment of any type; builds a diverse workforce and supports affirmative action.

  1. Follows policies and procedures; completes administrative tasks correctly and on time; supports the Bank’s goals and values; benefits the bank through outside activities.

  1. Performs the position safely, without endangering the health or safety to themselves or others and will be expected to report potentially unsafe conditions. The employee shall comply with occupational safety and health standards and all rules, regulations and orders issued pursuant to the OSHA Act of 1970, which are applicable to one’s own actions and conduct.

  1. Reviews and maintains the Bank’s website performing bi-annual reviews ensuring ADA compliant.

  1. Supports branches and Business development Officers with marketing material (business cards, ads, personalized material).

  1. Promotes financial literacy programs in the community.

  1. Maintains the Bank’s official promo website.

  1. Maintains the “Public” Marketing Drive.

  1. Maintains Q4 Investor website page.

  1. Assist’s in the preparation of the Bank’s Annual Report.
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