North Canyon Media, Remote, Work from USA

Work at North Canyon Media

Salary: Day rate

Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Duration: Freelance

We’re looking for super-fast, super talented, and superstar writers who can take direction and

immediately react.


- Uses, creates, and understands how to make social media style content daily - think articles,

blurbs, post-type copy, bulleted lists, and supporting directions

- Have an ability to quickly write based on ever-changing projects

- Show a demonstrable passion, curiosity and experience in making creative content on social

media platforms - TikTok style frames, IG style stories, Vox style vids. Anything that adds flavor

to potentially dense material.

- Responsible, accountable, self-driven, and incredibly fast BUT thorough.


- Creating impactful, insightful, informative, and unbiased content for our knowledge-seeking


- Interpreting a direction into copy that is rooted in research but delivered with style and


- Collaborating with our Content Strategists/Creative Sprinter Teams to concept and create copy

for topics that our users need to succeed.

- Handle rapid turnaround times, capture the intent of information, deliver and receive feedback,

all while keeping a clear, enthusiastic and proactive attitude towards quick copy creation

- Work collaboratively with the Head of Creative, be able to pivot on a dime, keep smiling, and

stay hungry for more.

About North Canyon Media

X is a well-funded, fast-growing education information company that was founded in 2019.

We’re a mobile-first, video-first company, and user-first.

We’ve got a big road ahead of us and we need people who are ready for the marathon.

We’ve got a need for speed and need writers who are ready for race day. We’re creating cutting

edge, engaging and impactful content that can go head-to-head with all of the attention that

TikTok, IG, and YT is getting from our 20-40 year-old audience.

This is a massive undertaking and critical to the growth of our company. We expect to create

more than 800 videos and 800 articles with innovative features and graphics every year for the

next decade.

North Canyon Media

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