Senior Editor, Clarkson Potter

Penguin Random House, New York, NY

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Duration: full_time

Clarkson Potter, a leading publisher of illustrated lifestyle books in the categories of Food & Drink, Design, Photography, Gift & Pop Culture, and Entertainment, is excited to hire a Senior Editor for our newly energized team. Reporting into the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief, you will acquire and edit 10 to 12 books per year, with an emphasis on building our Culture, Design, and Entertainment lists. This role requires Editors to work in a collaborative environment with other members of the editorial team, as well as our design, production, marketing, and publicity departments—and of course the authors themselves, whom we view as both our talent and our partners. We expect the Senior Editor to develop a list that speaks to, and is representative of, the diversity of our potential audiences and our society as a whole. Specific duties include but aren’t limited to: * Identifying and recruiting authors and creatives; * Evaluating book proposals and building the commercial and cultural cases for their acquisition; * Negotiating and managing relationships with agents; * Engaging and partnering with authors to fully appreciate their vision, collaborating throughout the acquisition and production processes; * Reporting on trends within a diverse range of industries and audiences, highlighting potential future talent; * Establishing and managing production schedules; * Collaborating with designers, art directors, and production teams * Representing the publisher, design, and production teams when working with the author, and representing the author when working with our publisher, design, and production teams; This is a stellar position for editors with a passion for identifying and guiding visually, narratively, and conceptually appealing content. We’re aiming to find someone who’s able, and of course excited, to make smart, fun, cool, and beautiful things to add to the world, to entertain and inspire our audience, and to invite and engage with new readers. We’re looking for you to offer: * Editorial experience working on complex, full-color books or other content-rich media spaces; * In-depth understanding of the acquiring process, and a strong record of acquisitions; * Analytical mindset, with an ability to talk in depth around trends within a given industry * Direct experience taking multiple concurrent projects from ideation to completion; * A strong record of working to and meeting deadlines, and effective organization and prioritization skills are a must; * Diplomacy and sensitivity in handling delicate conversations within a collaborative  environment; * Extensive team management experience (including designers, photographers and writer-author collaborations); * Strong written and verbal communication skills We’ve created our interview process to enable you to demonstrate your skills as much as possible, starting with the application. With this in mind please expand in a cover letter why you’re putting yourself forward to join the team at Clarkson Potter!

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