Chief of Staff / Associate - Organization, Culture, Talent, New York, NY

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Duration: Full-Time

This boutique strategy consulting firm is seeking a Chief of Staff to join its team. You will work as the right hand to one of their partners, helping her serve clients, deepen her relationships in the market, and expand the footprint of her platform. This partner stewards the brand's practice area of Organization, Culture, and Talent. While her work focuses largely on their corporate clients, her portfolio is broad by design and ranges from leading a “Founder 360” performance review process at one of their venture clients, to shaping the learning agenda for a large pharmaceutical company. Within the company, she is a member of the firm management team and plays a shaping role in their internal People stream. You will partner with her in two ways: developing and managing the systems that underpin her business development and client delivery platform as her Chief of Staff, and working alongside her in select client engagements as an Associate Consultant.

What will you do?

  1. Project management: You will own the infrastructure that enables Traci’s work, acting as a chief of staff as you design and run the systems that enable her effectiveness and build momentum across her program. You will be a trusted thought partner to Traci as, together, you design systems and rhythms that enable Traci to strengthen her most important relationships and engage her network in a way that’s thoughtful and authentic. You will play a key role in connecting Traci’s program to the firm’s operating systems, teaming with other internal owners to set agendas, assess progress against goals, and keep firm-wide systems up to date. You will also manage Traci’s logistics and her workflow, getting above the administrative work to think at a more strategic level as you negotiate the demands on her time and the diverse priorities of the business.
  2. Client advisory support: You will work with Traci as she advises a diverse portfolio of clients, acting as a thought partner, supporting the development of client materials, and providing research that helps to power the firm's work.
  3. Building the company! On a small team like theirs, every member is an important part of building the culture, systems, and practices of this place. Your contributions to firm-building will help shape the future of the company.

What are you like?

The firm is looking for individuals with 2 to 4 years of relevant job experience—most likely in business, but they are open to sectors where experience will rapidly translate into impact in the business setting. Consulting experience is a “nice to have,” but ultimately, they are seeking candidates who are excited to put their fingerprints on this role and who see how this role can provide experience that will serve as a springboard to the next chapter in their career.

Key Attributes:

  • You are highly empathetic. You seek to understand before jumping to a conclusion, are curious about how the world looks to others, and have the capacity to imagine the perspectives of different people. You enjoy enabling others and can appreciate how the work you set into motion impacts others.
  • You have an incredibly high drive to learn. You’re intellectually curious about how organizations in all sectors perform best. You are committed to honest self-examination and open feedback from others. You are willing to take risks and fail and invest in doing whatever it takes to grow into an exceptional performer.
  • You are entrepreneurial and proactive, taking initiative and ownership to visualize the next step in any given process, and are thoughtful and design-minded about pulling work towards you and driving progress. You enjoy anticipating needs, thinking ahead, and are always ready with Plan B and Plan C.
  • You are a conceptual and systematic thinker. You can relate abstract ideas to concrete examples and actions, and you can also digest and distill complex projects in ways that balance detail-orientation with landing the right altitude.
  • You are disciplined and intentional. You consistently follow through, translating intentions and decisions into sustained effort and results.
  • You are detail-oriented and have excellent communication skills. Quality work matters to you. Typos make you cringe, and you are quick to spot formatting and grammatical errors. You write clearly and compellingly. The ability to communicate visually (e.g., through simple visual frameworks) is a strong plus, as is an interest in productivity technologies.

Why the Role is Compelling

Working directly with extraordinary business thinkers, you will experience first-hand what it means to be a part of a well-run, growing startup, and what it means to succeed as an advisor. Through exposure to all aspects of a partner’s work, this position offers a uniquely well-rounded view into the business, and can serve as a powerful launchpad for candidates interested in business and the management of organizations. They're exceptionally focused on how work gets done, and are deeply committed to excellence in results, bringing a high degree of intentionality to their daily work. You’ll be part of an accomplished, diverse, and close-knit team in which each individual is committed to rapid development -- theirs and their colleagues’.

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