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The World's Best Summaries of Books, Articles, and Everything

Salary: Paid hourly, from $15-25 per hour depending on skills and experience. Part-time (25 hours per week minimum) to full-time (40 hours+) roles available.

Level: experienced

Duration: part_time

Are you an experienced SEO researcher and writer? Do you love finding high-potential keywords and writing attention-grabbing titles and meta descriptions? Have you written articles that have ranked for high-volume, challenging keywords?

Plus, do you enjoy reading non-fiction books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or Thinking, Fast and Slow? Do you want to be part of a growing content marketing effort reaching hundreds of thousands of readers a month?

We want to hear from you. Shortform ( is a product featuring summaries of the best non-fiction books and articles. Shortform improves on existing products by focusing on actionables, creating more in-depth summaries, and building a community helping each other learn.

We’re looking for SEO writers who will package our high-quality book summaries into individual blog articles, each targeting a specific keyword. You will read a book summary, do keyword research inspired by the content, then craft winning on-page SEO to publish articles. Your goal is to rank high and get views.

As part of Shortform, you’ll use your passion for reading and teaching to educate learners on a national scale. You’ll join an exciting startup with a mission to make sense of the world’s information.

Read more to find out what we’re about and find specific application directions.

What Our Customers Say:

+ "Your product's most valuable benefits to me are the peace of mind that I'm not missing out on any key ideas, the satisfaction of being able to grasp a high-quality book with such speed and ease, and thereby gaining understanding of subjects that interest me, and have educated things to talk about and build on."

+ "You guys really hit it out of the park again with the “48 Laws” summary! I’ve never seen such a complete yet concise summary of this book. The exercises are perfect – not overwhelming or meager, but just right. Thanks for making me smarter every day…"

+ “I LOVE, LOVE, this business. I'm sorry it took me so long to find you. As a bibliophile, Shortform is a dream come true. The price is amazing; the selection superb, and the work product is exceptional. Kudos to the Shortform team.”

About Us:

+ We’re passionate about helping people get the best ideas and use them to improve their lives. We cover the best books and content in personal growth, business, psychology, relationships, and more.

+ We care about impact at scale - we want to grow to support millions of daily readers.

+ Our founding team has previously built profitable and enduring companies in education and technology.

+ Check us out here and read about our principles here:

Your Responsibilities:

+ Overall, your goal is to convert a 30-50 page book summary into ~30 separate articles targeting different keywords. You will prepare each article to maximize our ranking position.

+ Conduct keyword research using Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords for our summary content.

+ Write compelling titles, meta descriptions, and introductory text for each article.

+ Prepare articles with on-page SEO, including keyword insertion, URL, .

+ Work efficiently, producing each article within 20 minutes (as we’ll explain, most of the article’s content is already written—you just need to prepare it for publication).

+ Read and learn—you're going to be able to read summaries of books you've always wanted to read but never had time for.

+ (Optional) Participate in projects to help the company grow, such as marketing, social media, and product development.


+ Prior experience with SEO writing (please describe in your application, as directed below).

+ Ability to read and write efficiently. We want you to understand the tradeoff between speed and quality, and avoid costly perfectionism.

+ Clear, engaging writing style with a natural voice. You can tell the difference between good, tight writing and sloppy/rigid writing.

+ Serious commitment and work drive. You always pull through and deliver and take pride in your own work. Previous experience working as a remote contractor preferred.

+ Available to work at least 25 hours per week on average, and preferably 30+.

About the Position:

+ The position is part-time or full-time, depending on your availability and the quality of your work.

+ The position is remote and flexible. You’re free to work whereever and whenever you want.

+ Compensation is paid hourly, with expected rates from $15 to $25, depending on prior experience and quality of work.

How to Apply:

Please send an email with your resume, cover letter, and link to 2-3 published clips (if available).

In your cover letter, please describe, if available:

1) your prior SEO experience, particularly in SEO tactics (keyword research, on-page SEO). Be as specific as you can to distinguish your experience from that of the average blog writer.

2) the most successful articles you’ve published (in terms of views per month and rankings)

The next stage in the interview process will be a miniproject allowing you to demonstrate your SEO skills, followed by a short final-round call.

Application is on a rolling basis for limited positions, so please apply as soon as you can.

About Shortform

The mission of Shortform is to make sense of the world’s information.

In the past 20 years there’s been an exponential 100x rise in high-quality content - articles, podcasts, videos, analysis. But your free time has stayed completely the same.

If you’re like me, the amount of stuff to learn can feel overwhelming at times. You may also find it frustrating to wade through all the fluff to extract the key points. (Recipe blogs talking about how this potato stew evokes childhood reveries from rural Kentucky are the worst offender. 2-hour long podcasts aren’t much better.)

The first goal of Shortform is to summarize the best content. We want to show people what’s critical to understand about a book or a long-form article. By condensing information into their key takeaways, we expose people to more great ideas.

The second goal of Shortform is to make the best ideas actionable. “If knowledge were all it took, we’d all be rich and have a six pack.” The goal of learning things is to apply them to improve your life. It’s much more meaningful to apply the lessons of the top 50 books than to glance superficially at the top 5,000.

The long-term vision of Shortform is to publish high-quality summaries of every piece of content that has ideas worth knowing.

As a writer, you will directly contribute to this mission. You’ll digest high-quality content to extract the key points, synthesize a better understanding of the work, and focus on making the content actionable. Your work will empower thousands of customers to improve their lives.


Want to learn more about Shortform? Visit Shortform's website.