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Salary: $17 per hour

Level: Entry Level

Duration: Freelance

Static Media is looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, freelance breaking news scanners for the following verticals: 

  • Food: Static Media's food sites include Daily Meal, Food Republic, Mashed, and Tasting Table, and cover everything from cocktail and cooking tips and trends, to viral social media clips, new products, celebrity chef culture, and industry news, each with their own unique voice.
  • Home and Garden: Our home and garden site, House Digest, is a one-stop shop for homeowners as well as renters, covering cleaning tips and tricks, gardening, interior design and architecture trends, and all the best advice our favorite HGTV stars have to offer.
  • Women's Lifestyle: Static's women's lifestyle sites include The List, which covers the royals, soap operas, reality tv, and celebrity culture; Glam, where we focus on makeup, fashion, and style tips; and Women, covering dating advice, health issues that directly impact women, and more.

We are hiring one Breaking News Scanner per vertical; please specify in your cover letter which vertical you are applying for. We’re looking for people who have their ear to the digital ground in these spaces, with an encyclopedic knowledge of our scope of coverage for these brands. News scanners will be looking for breaking announcements and news, stories making waves on Twitter, what’s trending on Reddit, trendspotting, and more… anything that has people talking is something we want to talk about. News scanners will have a good understanding of possible angles and headlines for the brand, but this role does not involve writing, just surfacing stories for our team.

Ideal candidates have at least one year of experience in the relevant space in editorial, social media, or another similar field. We are looking for creative individuals who are self-sufficient and versatile. This position is work-from-home with stable hours, 9am to 5pm EST. Location does not matter; US and international candidates are encouraged to apply.

Breaking News Scanner responsibilities:

  • Conduct daily research, monitor breaking news and trends for any noteworthy developments, and become an expert on each of the topics you are assigned
  • Identify creative, engaging, and original article ideas and headlines based on the research you conduct
  • Work closely with other members of the editorial and audience development teams to identify content and topic opportunities
  • Compensation: $17 per hour
  • Required commitment: 40 hours per week

Ideal candidates will have:

  • An understanding of the types of content that drive engagement online
  • Strong knowledge of the applicable topics for the vertical they apply for:
    • Daily Meal/Food Republic/Mashed/Tasting Table
      • food culture and cooking, celebrity chefs and reality cooking television, cocktails, the restaurant and fast food industry industry
    • House Digest
      • architecture, interior design, gardening, housekeeping, and HGTV and similar networks
    • The List/Glam/Women
      • women’s lifestyle, fashion and beauty trends, viral trending topics, celebrity culture, soap operas, and reality TV
  • Attention to detail when it comes to our company's style and voice
  • 1+ years of experience in editorial, social media, or other relevant field
  • Strong time management skills and the ability to prioritize multiple projects

How to apply:

To apply for this job, please submit the following materials:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter specifying which vertical you are applying for (Food, Home and Garden, or Women's Lifestyle) plus three sentences telling us why you’re a good fit for this role

Applications missing any of these elements will not be considered.

We believe representation matters at Static Media and strongly encourage people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, those with disabilities, and individuals from other underrepresented groups to apply.

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