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The Recipe For Startup Longevity

It seems like a new startup is popping into the media landscape every day. But according to the Small Business Administration, five out of 10 new companies  survive at least five years, one-third will make it 10 years, and only 25 percent stay in business 15 years or more. So what does it take to not just bring the company together, but to maintain its success for a long time?

With help from media moguls, we list the seven traits that makes the difference between a wanna-be with an idea bulb and a successful entrepreneur.

One of the first steps: finding that perfect partner. Cezary Pietrzak was one of four friends who worked together to launch start-up travel site Wanderfly, and he credits their friendship with getting the company off the ground. “You expect to spend a lot of time with other folks in your company and pull late hours, so you have to have a great relationship.”

Read on for more on learning the business, handling those funds and honing on your big idea at 7 Definitive Traits You Need for Startup Success. [sub req'd]

Former Cosmo Editor Funds Media Innovation Center | Promotions | More News You Need To Know

The David & Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Stanford and Columbia will be funded with a $30 million gift from the former Cosmo editor….Parenting has promoted two digital execs…and more….

4 Things Editors Do To Drive Their Writers Nuts

If you’ve ever spent time as an editor, you likely have plenty of ways for freelance writers to get on your bad side. But before you start adding to the comments, let’s be fair. There are plenty of things magazine and newspaper staffers do to damage the writer-editor relationship, as well.

Case in point? Not responding to emails.

“We know that editors are incredibly busy, but take the time to let freelancers know that you got their stuff,” suggests Apryl Motley, a Maryland-based communications consultant. “When we don’t hear from you, we figure it’s a done deal, and we’re on to the next assignment. Then, you email us all out of the blue with queries and requests for additional copy.”

Not a good look. Get more tips on how to correctly manage the relationship in’s 4 Things Editors Do To Drive Freelancers Nuts.

New Year, New Job Skills

With every new year, we make a promise to our resolutions that that we won’t abandon them, that this year will be different. By February, we can’t even remember what they were.

It’s time to get serious about turning ourselves around — and we can help.

All this week, we’ve got great step-by-step AvantGuild features to help media professionals shed their old habits and begin anew in 2012. Read more

Playboy Bids Farewell To Chicago, Hello Los Angeles | Media Moves And More News You Need To Know

Playboy is moving its headquarters to Los Angeles from Chicago….hey, you can show more skin in LA than in the Windy City, for sure….Perry Bacon Jr. has left The Washington Post to join….Tim Armstrong just gave out $1.5 million in bonuses, split among 150 AOL execs….and more stories of the morning. Cheers!

To Be A Modern ‘Suit,’ Ditch The Suit?

A new survey of 550+ C-level and senior executives reveals that most “suits” no longer wear suits to work, prompting ABC News to say that “corporate ladder climbers” should consider emulating the boss and not wearing a suit.

Other habits of successful CEOs, according to the survey: brown-bagging lunch or skipping it entirely, participating in company happy hours, and wearing navy blue (for men) or black (for women).

Obviously, what will get you a promotion in your company depends on your company culture, not just on what a survey says you should do. It probably won’t hurt to wear the suit.

AOL Beats Estimates, Still Posts Loss

AOL posted revenue of $532 million and a loss of $.02 per share ($2.6 million), but that was better than what analysts had expected so Wall Street is happy, and so is chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong.

Even though the $532 million was about 6 percent less than what the company brought in a year ago, ad revenues rose 8 percent and now make up the clear bulk of the company’s business. The once-strong Internet subscription business fell 22 percent to $192 million.

The Huffington Post Media Group, AOL said, surpassed 35 million monthly visitors in the third quarter, while Patch hit 10 million monthlies and now has 10,000 bloggers contributing to the network.

Allthingsd’s Peter Kafka points out, though, that AOL’s core properties haven’t been able to attract much growth in traffic: “A year ago, AOL attracted 106 million monthly unique visitors to its sites; this year, the total only moved up to 107 million.”

AOL’s been able to hang in there so far. The question is whether it will be able to continue to do so without more major layoffs.

Indeed Now Lets You Post Resumes, which has made a name for itself as a job search site, is now expanding and allowing employers to search for resumes.

You can upload your resume or create a new one on the site. We’re not sure the world needs yet another place for you to upload a resume, but this is Indeed we’re talking about. (Besides, if you don’t sign up soon, someone else could take your custom URL.) You can also sign up via Facebook, and unlike certain other apps we could mention, it doesn’t auto-post anything to your Facebook profile.

Employers can use the product for free during its beta period; afterward, search will still be free, but contacting candidates will cost.

After the jump, the press release announcing the expansion:
Read more

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Newspaper Owner Western Communications Declares Chapter 11

Western Communications, owner of the 56,000-circulation Bend (Ore.) Bulletin and more papers in Oregon and California, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

A Klamath Falls Herald and News (not owned by Western) article said that Western Communications planned to continue operating normally as it seeks better payment terms on an $18 million loan with Bank of America.

Chairwoman Betsy McCool said that to meet the bank’s demands, the company would have to “wreck all our newspapers” and lay off “mass quantities of people, and we’re not going to do that.”

A bank spokeswoman said that Bank of America has “tried to work with The Bulletin and help resolve their financial issues, including giving them some more time,” but wouldn’t comment further.

In addition to the Bend Bulletin, Western Communications publishes seven newspapers across Oregon and California.