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Archives: May 2009

Ogilvy & Mather Launches OgilvyEarth

Ogilvy EarthAdvertising, marketing, and PR agency Ogilvy & Mather has combined staff from five of its divisions into a new offering, OgilvyEarth. The new division expands the company’s sustainability practice while combining “brightest minds from six continents: planners, consultants and creatives from Ogilvy & Mather, OgilvyOne, Ogilvy Public Relations, OgilvyAction and OgilvyEntertainment.” (their words) Ogilvy & MatherCEO Miles Young called it “a strategic move to unite all our work under one roof in order to present a holistic approach, share lessons-learned and make it easier for clients to access our expertise.”

The new entity already has one project—to create an awareness campaign for the December 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference, where 192 nations will negotiate a successor to the Kyoto Protocols.

The board of directors of OgilvyEarth includes Bill Becker, Executive Director of the Presidential Climate Action Project; Jeunesse Park, founder and CEO of Food and Trees for Africa; Ma Jun, an environmentalist and researcher.

(h/t PRNewser)

The Vendor/Client Relationship

AgencySpy pointed us toward this awesome video parodying what ad agencies go through. It’s not all that dissimilar, though, to being a freelancer…

Job Market: Gen Yers Make Themselves Look Bad

Gen Y gets a lot of shit, not all of it deserved, but the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ annual student survey contains some shocking info:

Though 52 percent of graduating seniors think they’ll have a job in three months, only 59 percent of this year’s class had started looking for one as of April 30, 2009. Factor out the 26 percent who say they’re going straight to grad school and that still leaves one in six very hubristic kiddos.

Fewer than 20 percent who have applied for jobs have an offer in hand, but of those who do have offers, almost three-fourths of them completed at least one internship.

Hear that? Do your internship(s) and send out those resumes, but for the love of God, whatever you do, don’t wait until May of your senior year to start looking for work.

Journalists Can Make Money Online If They Change ‘Toxic’ Attitudes

“All that needs to change [for journalists to succeed online] is journalists’ toxic attitudes toward themselves and the value of their work.”

That’s Robert Niles, one of three curriculum developers at last week’s Knight Digital Media Center News Entrepreneur Boot Camp. He and the rest of the team brought in 15 journalists trying to start online ventures for a week of business training.

“Did we succeed? We’ll have to wait to discover how many, of any, of the projects developed by these 15 campers become financially self-sustaining. But we did see the campers’ attitudes change. They talked less of the past, and more of the future. Discussion turned from excuses to suggestions.

“…Telling journalists ‘you can’t do that,’ when they seek to find a way to make their work profitable, or at least economically sustainable, is an example of the culture of failure from which we were trying to extract these 15 journalists.”

Hmm. So, have we moved from “media is dying” to “the sun’ll come out tomorrow”? Is this irrational exuberance, misplaced optimism, and high hopes or is there something to this positive thinking?

Your Resume, Your iPhone…Not So Much

Resume Pro iPhone AppOur friend Jane Turkewitz reviewed a new iPhone app, RESUME PRO, that takes info you input and turns it into a mobile resume/PDF.

Her verdict? Meh.

“There’s no prompt for accomplishments…which is a pretty big faux pas in my book. If I’m a marketing manager, I’m going to have the same responsibilities as another marketing manager at the company next door. What differentiates me from him are my accomplishments.

…To test the program out, I did not do an elaborate resume. I filled in a bit of information to see how it would work and how the program flows. I found it extremely tedious and time consuming…I just can’t imagine ANYONE writing an entire resume on a phone!”

To make matters worse, the software is crashy (though developer Vurgood Apps promises they’re fixing the issue) and doesn’t feature a spell check. And since it auto-formats the resume, you have no control over how the final product looks (some people cite this as an advantage, actually, since you don’t have to worry about tweaking it yourself)

My question is, what’s the advantage of doing this on your phone? All it seems to do is generate a nicely-formatted PDF of info you put into it, which you can then e-mail to anyone, including yourself. Aren’t there web sites out there that will convert a Word doc to a PDF free?

If you do want to try the app out (maybe you want to write your resume on the train/on a boat/in a cave?), it’s $1.99 from the App Store.

Boomers Will Work Til They’re 90. No Wait, They’re Retiring Now. No Wait!

Elderly manA couple years ago everyone was saying that Baby Boomers would retire en masse and leave gaping holes in the workplace (not to mention the strain on our social security system). That turned out not to be true, as 401(k)s have been demolished and Boomers have stayed on the job. Just six months ago a CareerBuilder survey found that 2/3 of workers older than 60 said they planned to postpone retirement.

But now Boomers are retiring again. According to the LAT and Workforce’s Business Of Management blog, Social Security retirement claims are up 25% from last year. Suddenly everyone’s financially secure enough to retire? Hardly.

John Hollon writes: “Yes, a lot of older workers want to keep working, but what do you do if you lose your job, can’t find a new one, and have the Social Security retirement option available?

If you are in that kind of fix, you do what most people would do: You take the retirement money and run, even if that’s not what you planned or wanted to do.”

On average, it takes a 55+ laid-off worker a month longer to find a job than a younger person. So some of these Boomers, according to the LAT, are even opting to take reduced benefits by retiring early—because it’s all they can get.

Cristina Martin Firvida, director of economic security for AARP, said: “When the recession ends and the economy bounces back, there may be a band of people for whom things will never be the same again. They’ll still be paying the price for 10, 20, 30 years down the road.”

First ‘In-Taxi’ Mag Launches In India

mumbai_taxi.jpgPrint isn’t dead—on the other side of the world, at least: the Mumbai Taximen’s Union has just launched what is thought to be the world’s first ‘in-taxi’ magazine.

MumBaee is described as “sleek” and looks like an in-flight magazine. It will include light features on Mumbai life and event listings.

Editor-publisher Vishnu Kadam said that commuters can spend up to a few hours in a taxi at one time. He added: “People who travel by taxis fall in the middle and upper middle class category of consumers, who are educated and command considerable spending power.”

Kadam told DARE, an India-based magazine for entrepreneurs, that the magazine is launching with an initial print run of 30,000. “By July, we plan to double it,” he said.

DOL’s 2010 Budget Steps Up Overtime Enforcement

The Department of Labor has proposed a 10% increase in its “Worker Protection” budget for FY2010—the highest it’s been since 2001, HRMorning reports. In addition to extra money for unemployment benefits and workers comp, the agency will spend $228 million (a $35 million increase from FY2009) for the Wage And Hour Division to hire more investigators. These investigators will be looking into compliance with minimum wage laws and ensuring employees are properly classified for overtime purposes.

The agency’s also spending $564 million on OSHA, a $51 million increase over FY2009, to hire new, bilingual enforcement staff.

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Stupendous! Cirque Du Soleil At Mediabistro Circus; Schedule Confirmed

CirqueDuSoleil.jpgIf you haven’t signed up for the Mediabistro Circus next week in New York yet, you’ve got one more reason to rush your registration through: Cirque du Soleil’s coming!

We mentioned this last week but now the schedule is confirmed: they’ll perform next Wednesday, June 3, at 4:15 p.m. Also, director of creation (best title ever, by the way) Carmen Ruest will talk about the challenges of starting a small company and growing it to Cirque du Soleil proportions.

You can still register for the Circus, next Tuesday and Wednesday in New York City, for as low as $245.