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Archives: May 2011

Rick Scott Zeroes Out Florida’s Pubcasting Funding

Florida Governor Rick Scott yesterday zeroed out funding for Florida’s 26 public radio and TV stations, cutting $4.7 million out of those stations’ budgets.

The Florida legislature had already proposed cutting pubcasting funding by 30 percent, reported the St. Pete Times’s media columnist Eric Deggans.

But Scott’s vetoes turned the 30% cut into a 100% cut, ending 35 years of public broadcasting in the state.

It’s devastating,”Laura Fage, a spokeswoman for WEDU, told Deggans. WEDU stands to lose about 5 percent of its $8 million budget. “It certainly will have an effect on our programming and services.”

No outlet would yet say whether any layoffs would occur but when millions of dollars are suddenly erased it’s surely on everyone’s minds.

American Express Publishing Sees Bright Future In Luxury Media

Well, the rich are still spending money, it seems, as American Express Publishing, behind Travel + Leisure, Food + Wine, Departures, etc, says it expects a 15 percent jump in ad revenue for the first half of 2011.

“The rise in consumer confidence particularly among the affluent consumer and their desire to spend on luxury goods and services is driving our advertising growth,” said American Express Publishing president and CEO Ed Kelly in a statement.

The company went on to say that its largest growth area is in travel. In fact, ad pages in Departures were up 63 percent so far this year, according to min and FOLIO.

Daily Finance Names New Edit Team | McClatchy’s Suddenly Rich | More Yesterday’s News

Happy Friday! AOL Daily Finance’s new editorial team….McClatchy’s sale of unused Miami Herald property (for a little bit more than we think it was originally going for)….EatingWell’s new hires…and more yesterday’s news, of course, to get your weekend started.

Dan Frommer Leaving Business Insider

After four years at Business Insider, Dan Frommer’s leaving to focus on new projects, he announced today.

Launching this summer will be Frommer’s first project, which “will involve writing about technology.”

Others “will be totally unrelated to tech and/or media. Some haven’t even been imagined yet.”

Good luck, Dan!

Guy Kawasaki On Enchantment: Achieve Likability, Trust, And Do Something ‘Dicey’

Guy Kawasaki’s got a book out about enchanting people, so it is not a surprise that he wanted to speak today about how to make people enchanted by you. (Somewhat like Edward Cullen does, we surmise.)

Point #1: people need to like you. So smile, dress nice (but not too nice), and have a good handshake.
One time Kawasaki and Sir Richard Branson were in the same room prepping for a conference. “He asked me if I flew Virgin and I said I’d never flown Virgin…and that’s when he got on his knees and started polishing my shoes,” said Kawasaki. “And that’s when I started flying Virgin.” This anecdote got a lot of laughs but the photo of Branson shining Kawasaki’s shoes looked suspiciously staged. Ah well—the point remains that if people like you they will do things for you.

Which brought Kawasaki to point #2: Read more

Weekly Jobless Claims Rise As Average Dips

Weekly unemployment insurance claims from the first-time unemployed rose 10,000 last week to 424,000 while the four-week moving average dipped 1,750 to 438,500, the labor department reported.

Meanwhile for the week ended May 7, the most recent week for which data was available, 3.5 million people were receiving unemployment benefits and another 3.4 million were among the long-term unemployed who were receiving special emergency checks.

Those plus a number of smaller programs total 7.7 million Americans receiving unemployment benefits.

That’s down more than 2.2 million from a year ago but still, we don’t need to tell you, a lot.

What Entrepreneur Editor Amy Cosper Learned About Tweeting

Amy Cosper, editor in chief of Entrepreneur, had a problem with a writer. The writer was assigned to a story and had come up with nothing, she said during a break at this Guy Kawasaki event (presented by Hiscox and hosted by Entrepreneur).

She meant to tell another editor, “Tell him he can kiss my ass.”

“Instead, I Tweeted it,” she said.

If she hadn’t just finished reading Kawasaki’s book, “I would have done what other editors do,” she said. “I would have blamed the intern.”

Instead, “I owned it. I said I wasn’t paying attention and apologized.” That led to a discussion, and ultimately a story, about attention deficit, said Cosper.

But the ultimate lesson: “The biggest words of wisdom I can give you from this horrible tweeting experience is ‘Know the location of thy cursor at all times,’” she said.

Kawasaki On Bieber: ‘Never Say Never’ Is The ‘Best Marketing Movie Ever’

Need marketing tips? Rent a copy of “Never Say Never” and start soaking up knowledge, Guy Kawasaki said this morning.

Speaking only partly tongue in cheek, Kawasaki said the Bieber movie is “the best marketing movie ever.”

“You’ll see how hard Justin Bieber works. He’s making 86 stops.” You’ll see how mentor relationships work. And “if you want to see about word of mouth marketing, there’s a section where Bieber’s people look in the parking lot for girls who don’t have tickets and give them tickets. It will bring tears to your eyes,” he said.

And for the skeptical in the audience, Kawasaki said, “do any of you work for a company that totally controls your market segment? I doubt it. Justin Bieber owns girls 9-16.”

Trig Palin Poster Leaves Wonkette | Media Moves | More Yesterday’s News

Jack Stuef, a Wonkette editor, is leaving the site after a heartfelt goodbye post that, as FBNY says, “offers a sincere look at what it’s like to be a 22-year-old blogger who has to work every day in the space between provocative and offensive.”

Meanwhile, more media moves at StrawberryFrog, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and more….

Today’s Daily Links Postponed On Account Of Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is here in DC giving a talk on social media marketing for small businesses. We’ve been in transit since some ungodly hour of the morning. Links will come soon but in the meantime, Guy Kawasaki is here. (!!)