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Archives: December 2013

Rock it With Blue: New Survey Reveals Best Color to Wear During Job Interview

suitPreparing for your next job interview and not sure what to wear? We mean, of course you’ll wear a suit, but not sure what color to wear?

A new CareerBuilder survey makes the connection between colors and employers’ impressions of them. Over 2,000 hiring managers and human resources professionals from a variety of industries and company sizes were surveyed during the latter part of summer. Read more

Should Companies Post Employees’ Salaries Online? This Start-Up Just Did…

moneyWhen we read about one start-up posting their employees’ salaries online, we did a double take.

According to Quartz, the social media startup Buffer posted salaries of everyone. And we do mean everyone, including its CEO! Per a blog post last week, CEO Joel Gascoigne wrote, “We hope this might help other companies think about how to decide salaries, and will open us up to feedback from the community.”

This begs the question: If you worked there, what would your reaction be to having your salary posted online? We’ve heard about other companies in HR-land discuss posting salaries for internal eyes only but again, we wonder what the benefit is? Read more

Fired PR Executive Issues Apology Regarding Her Tweet: ‘I Am Ashamed’

new_twitter_logoWe can’t even imagine what was going through Justine Sacco’s head on Friday when she tweeted, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

We have no words. Seriously.

The senior director of corporate communications working for Barry Diller’s company, IAC, was promptly dismissed. Per her LinkedIn profile, she was promoted to that position in July. Prior to that, she served as director of corporate communications since September 2011. Read more

Four Networking Event Faux Pas & How to Avoid ‘Em

handshake‘Tis the time of year to be social! And as we write this we must say, happy Friday one and all!

Okay, back to this regularly scheduled program…if you’ve been working the room this month, good for you! Chances are, since you’re a savvy Mediabistro reader, you’ve been working it, circulating that business card and chatting it up like it’s nobody’s business.

According to a piece by Monster, although there are a several ways to rock it (especially when you follow up to keep the conversation going), there are a few ways to completely bomb an event.

Let’s not be that guy or gal, okay? Sure, we know you shouldn’t drink to excess but there are a few subtle things to avoid doing. Read more

Fill-In Anchor Mutters Explective On-Air, Loses Job & Potential New One, Too

unhappy-computer-keyOde to social media. Or not.

Here’s why: fill-in anchor and on-air reporter Justin Kraemer was fired from KSN in Kansas earlier this week for blurting an expletive on-air and thought a potential job in Colorado Springs was going to move forward.

Well, that was then and this is now and he’s still looking for a new job.

Per The Wichita Eagle, he was in final negotiation stages for a job at KOAA-TV but alas, his expletive went viral. Yesterday morning station managers informed him they weren’t going to move forward with a job offer. Read more

Jobless Claims Inch Higher as 2013 Comes to a Close

Find a JobAccording to the Labor Department, Americans filing new unemployment benefits claims significantly increased last week. Numbers rose to the highest ones in the past nine months!

The seasonally adjusted number is 379,000 — that’s the highest number since this past March! The number is also significant, says reports, because it’s the second consecutive week for increased claims.

Perhaps what’s most surprising is that Reuters asked economics prior to today’s report to forecast their expectations and they anticipated numbers would have been 334,000. Read more

Copywriter in Indonesia Dies After Working 30 Consecutive Hours

helpThis story broke our heart.

Mita Diran, a 24 year-old copywriter in Indonesia, passed away on Sunday after clocking 30 consecutive hours in her office.

According to The Epoch Times, she collapsed onto the floor and then slipped into a coma. Adding insult to injury, the employee of Young & Rubicam in Jakarta tweeted regularly about her intense schedule.

Just last month she tweeted, “Home before midnight after three long, exhausting weekends. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.”

Per the piece, one of her father’s employees attributed the death to “too much of overtime working, and too much kratingdaeng attacks her heart.” Read more

How to Unplug for the Holidays

rookiefreelancing1Anyone doing a digital detox for the holidays? If so, you’re not alone. We’re going to try to at least limit our usage somewhat but now that we think about it, we don’t have a concrete action plan.

Lucky for us, the folks at Mashable created one. Incorporating a variety of strategies into their game such as “internet eraser” and “the login liquefier,” there’s one that truly resonated with us.

Yes, the “workaholic’s withdrawal.”  Read more

CareerBuilder Compiles High Paying Jobs for 2014 (Media Gigs Noticeably Absent)

moneyThis year hasn’t even concluded yet but our eyes are laser light focused on the prize. As in, 2014!

A new CareerBuilder survey points to the most lucrative occupations in the new year and sadly, we couldn’t find media jobs among the top 10 contenders. Essentially, they worked with Economic Modeling Specialists International for hot jobs that pay well and are rapidly growing. Read more

Prepared for Behavioral-Based Interview Questions? Ready, Set…Go!

interview 924You know the drill. You’re on an interview completely ready to answer questions like why there’s a gap in your resume and your biggest weakness. What you may not be prepared for are the behavioral-based situational-type questions.

Recruiters typically know that asking these questions provide tremendous insight. With the thinking that past behavior can form a picture of your future behavior, usually they’re completely on board.

And if hiring managers are with the program, too they’ll pull these questions out of their arsenal to fire away. Read more