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New Report Reveals Unhappy Employees Outnumber Happy Ones

unhappy-computer-keyIf you’re unhappy on the job, look around. You’ll see plenty of others in your situation, so says a new report released by Gallup. Apparently unhappy employees outweigh happy ones to the tune of two to one!

Gallup gathered data from 230,000 full-time and part-time workers in 142 countries. At least for the good news, we’re not alone since it’s a global trend. (Um, okay so that’s not exactly good news. At least we’re consistent with other countries!)

As per the data, 13 percent of workers felt engaged and ignited by their jobs. The not-so-good news? This means approximately 63 percent aren’t engaged. They’re mentally checked out and unhappy but not to an extreme. The remaining 24 percent of employees are “actively disengaged.” That is, unhappy and looking for the nearest exit door. Read more

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Five Signs Demonstrating Companies Care About Their Employees’ Happiness

Have you ever asked your interviewers during a job interview how long they’ve been at the company? And if so, if they repeatedly say several years, maybe the company is onto something. Their policies, their culture, they’re something somethin’.

Per a piece on Brazen Careerist, there are a few ways to discover a company that values its employees’ happiness and in turn, not only attracts top talent but keeps it as well.

1. They publicize core values and have a clear mission statement. Most companies have a mission statement or core values or both. When they post them on their company site, the values become transparent to job seekers. And internally, employees can remind themselves why and how they’re doing things in terms with alignment of these values and mission statement. Read more

Want to be Happier? Delete These 5 Things From Your Routine

Want to be happier at work?

This piece on EliteDaily caught our eye especially as it relates to rocking out your own career. Here are our favorite top five things happy people don’t do so let’s make a pact to remove them from our daily routines, okay?

1. Gossip. This one’s self-explanatory but in the piece Ashley Fern writes, “If you are happy and content with your life, why do you even care what is going on in someone else’s? There is no reason to engage in this petty behavior — all it does is make you look pathetic and jealous.”  Read more