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New Survey Reveals Many Employed Workers Haven’t Job Searched in Years

Job-SearchIt may be time to dust off that resume! That is, you may be in the same boat as nearly half of the people in an Accountemps survey who revealed they haven’t looked for a new job since 2009.

Better yet, 30 percent of survey participants indicated they haven’t looked for a new job since 2004.

The same survey revealed 19 percent of participants really want to job hunt this year and the majority of them expect their search to be challenging.

The numbers tell all — if you’re similar to survey participants, being out of the job search market doesn’t mean you’re less marketable but it does mean you need to brush up some skills to work it. (This reminds me of a couple who is recently divorced as they dip their feet into the dating pool again. The premise hasn’t truly changed but the game sure has been altered thanks to modern technology.) Read more

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Four Ways to Ignite Your Job Search Right Now

2013Want to wait until January to kick-start your job search and take a few weeks off to coast into the new year? Really?

It’s almost like a dieter who wants to wait three weeks to start watching his or her waistline when there’s at least 21 days left of this year to create a new habit (give or take a meal or two).

Sure, we’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season but that doesn’t mean career dreams need to be put on pause. There are a few ways to rev up that search even when it’s tempting to convince yourself the holidays will stall it. Read more

Three Ways to Update Your Job Search & Stop Making the Same Ol’ Mistakes

Job-SearchWhen we read this Harvard Business Review piece, we couldn’t agree more. If you’ve been out of the loop with a job search for a while you may inadvertently make some mistakes.

According to Priscilla Claman, president of Career Strategies, Inc., there are a few ways to alter your approach to get what you want.

1. You have an inflated expectation of what you’re worth. This is especially true, she says in her blog post, if you’ve worked for the past five years with a microscopic (or even no) increase in pay. Although she points out zero to one percent was standard for countless employees during the recession, you should be realistic in the salary you’re seeking. Read more

New Study Says Monday is Best Day to Look for New Job

MondayIf you’re looking for a job today, per a new study, you’re definitely onto something.

Bright released a report after analyzing more than 500,000 job applications and more than 15 million views on its site. At least 30 percent of job seekers move onto the next round in the hiring process when they applied on a Monday. The least successful day? Saturday.

Keep in mind the study excludes jobs that don’t even need resumes such as jobs in construction. Also, although many job seekers (37 percent) apply for a new gig on Tuesdays, 20 percent advance to the next round. Although the results don’t explain why Monday job seekers have a high success rate, their numbers simply report they do.

Perhaps it’s a case of the early bird getting the worm. The sooner the job is posted, the sooner applicants should get on it and hit submit! As time goes on, resumes tend to accumulate in the applicant tracking system and are easier to get lost in the shuffle from other resumes previously submitted.

Want to Change Your Name on Your Resume? Just Say No

job oppsWhen we read the weekly job advice column today in The New York Post, we realized this is something that we haven’t seen before but it’s probably been thought about by various job seekers.

Can you change your name to appear “more American” like Smith or Jones?

Gregory Giangrande, human resources executive in the media industry, strongly advises against it. He proclaimed, “You cannot adopt a fake name!” Moreover, just think of the repercussions this has with the background check.

He continued:

“Do you want to wind up on some watch list or potentially get accused of fraud or identity theft, depending on whose name you adopt? I highly doubt your name really is having an adverse impact on your job search. If you do have a different name you go by that is on some government-issued document, that’s fine. Otherwise, you can change your name legally and use that. But putting anything false on your resume is never acceptable.

Switching Careers? Avoid These Mistakes at All Costs

Smitten by the media? You’re not alone! If you’re in another industry vying to get into ours, welcome aboard!

There are a few key pointers to keep in mind while making the leap . Tips are courtesy of our friends at Brazen Careerist — please don’t be that guy or gal.

1. Keep it all in your head. Let’s say you’re looking for an editorial position. At first, the piece points out you’re optimistic! Excited! Downright hopeful! All of the sparkly aspects of the job come shining through.

In your head, that is.

And just like that? Wah wah wah (insert game show music here). You did not win the grand prize!

Doubts creep in, you second guess yourself and wonder how you’ll get a foot in the door while taking a step back in salary. The piece continues, “With a sigh, you mentally cross off the possibility of going down this career path.” Read more

MockSource Lets Job Seekers Conduct Mock Interviews

When we heard about this nifty site on recruiting forum ERE, we immediately wanted to check it out.

MockSource is an interview start-up based out of Toronto. Essentially, this tool is for job seekers practicing their interviews. Here’s the scoop: Users have access to a network of professionals in their desired industry to conduct mock interviews for a 40-minute phone or Skype session.

Now we haven’t tried it out to see for ourselves, we’re simply sharing information that the service is available. Per the site, it looks like $59.99 gets you one mock session and one resume review.

And it looks like the start-up offers opportunities for professionals conducting mock interviews, too. As in, they pay mentors a fixed amount for each interview conducted. Per their site, they welcome mentors with two-plus years of experience at reputable firms. Ideally, mock interviewers have experience and a passion for giving back.

Got ‘Skelz?’ New Survey Reveals Top 10 Resume Mistakes

Need a good chuckle to kick off your weekend?

CareerBuilder’s recent study asked hiring managers, human resources professionals and workers for some of the most unusual and memorable resumes they’ve seen.

Ready for this? Here we go… Read more

How to be Assertive in the Job Hunt & Not Cross the Line (As in Stalker)

There’s a fine line.

You apply to a job and interview and then hear crickets. You follow up two weeks after the first interview. Still no word. You follow up again and then start getting anxious, you call the recruiter as well.

According to Hannah Morgan in her U.S. News & World Report blog post, even if you think your behavior is one thing, it’s all about how it’s being received by the person on the other end. Read more Says Tuesday is the Biggest Night for Job Seekers on Mobile Devices

We have a heavy heart here on Tuesday morning, the day after the horrific attack in Boston.

Sadly, tragedy always manages to put things in perspective so in comparison to the fragility of life, the job hunt doesn’t seem so heavy or monumental.

This just in from….apparently new data shows that job seekers use their mobile devices to find work on Tuesday nights more than any other time of the week.

The Web site’s mobile traffic has more than doubled over the past year; in fact, its mobile searches account for about one-third of all users.

It looks like there’s a disconnect since many employers have sites which are easy to navigate by mobile visitors but the sites are not user-friendly to actually apply via the mobile device.

Although the press release pointed toward employers ensuring their sites have capability for mobile users, we found the evening factor interesting since that’s when job searching spikes with mobile users, especially on Tuesdays. That is all for now. Carry on…