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How to Juggle a Job Offer With a New Opportunity to Interview

judgeWhen it rains, it pours and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to job interviewing.

If you’ve been looking for a job and all of the sudden you get one job interview, immediately it seems like you land three others. Well, it’s no surprise this can happen once you get a job offer, too.

According to a piece on AOL Jobs there are ways to handle this exciting situation with tact and professionalism. Read more

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How to Follow Up After an Interview Without Being a Stalker

handshakeWe’ve heard this question time and time again from job seekers. How long should I wait before following up after an interview? How can I be persistent without being a stalker?

Ah, the dance begins.

First of all, during the interview you should ask when to follow up. Sometimes the recruiter and/or hiring manager will provide additional information like, “We’re completing a round of internal and external interviews but our boss is on a business trip so the earliest you’ll hear from us is three weeks.”

Or they may suggest you follow up within a week. Whatever the answer is, the point is you should ask to find out timing. Read more

Thundersnow Got You Down? How to Manage the Weather & Your Job Search

snowmenGreetings from the winter wonderland better known as New York City! We’ve gotten more than our fair share of snow this winter, that’s for sure. (And if you’re reading this from somewhere particularly sunny and warm, we’re a bit jealous.)

That’s why this piece by Amanda Augustine at TheLadders resonates. If you live in an area that’s been blasted by snowstorms, thundersnow or anything related to ice, chances are Mother Nature is impacting your plans. Here are three ways to ensure your job search doesn’t miss a beat. Read more

Top 10 Overused Phrases to Immediately Omit During a Job Interview

interview 924Have you ever caught yourself saying an expression that doesn’t exactly explain what you really mean to say?

Maybe it’s a nervous reaction to a question or simply a filler but regardless, during a job interview there are moments to seize silence as your friend instead of empty words.

According to a piece on Forbes, there are several overused phrases to ditch as soon as you possibly can. Read more

Three Tips on Interviewing Your Future Boss

judgeSure, you may get the opportunity to interview a potential colleague but a future boss? Rare. But it’s not to say it won’t happen.

Here are some tips, courtesy of The Daily Muse, to amp up your mojo and get ready to interview your potential manager.

1. Raise your hand. That’s right, ask to be involved. If leadership is open to it, why not have you interview the boss if you know your department and the inner workings of the company really well? The piece points out, “You have valuable input, and it’s not at all unreasonable for you to ask to get involved. As soon as you discover the hiring process for your future boss has begun, let whoever is in charge know you’d like to meet with the top candidates, if appropriate.” Read more

New Survey Reveals Job Interview Stats: 48 Percent of Employers Google Candidates

judgeIf you’re going on an interview soon, listen up. According to a new CareerBuilder survey there are a few pointers to keep in mind. Yes, we know so much has been written and talked about that learning something new on the topic is considered golden!

Their survey conducted in July included 5,518 job seekers and 2,775 hiring managers and highlighted a few numbers to reinforce some of the essentials.

One of the main points included having the mindset to go on an interview prepared to speak to top executives. You never know who you’ll pass in the hallway or who will be available to chat for an impromptu meeting.

Per the survey, the numbers tell all: 38 percent of employers indicated that candidates are actually required to interview with a C-level executive at their company. Hello, COO! Or CEO or CFO, you get the idea.

Read more

Hiring Managers Ask Job Applicants to Dance to Land Job Interviews (For Real)

In an effort to keep things light on a Monday, here goes: Currys retail store in Wales seems like just that at first glance — a retail shop. It’s certainly not a disco but it probably felt that way to job seeker Alan Bacon.

According to CNNMoney, he pursued a job in customer assistance at the store along with eight other candidates. Apparently they were split into two groups and asked to dance with each other in order to land an interview. Disconcerting, yes?

He told CNNMoney, “We were told to dance for the chance at a real interview. I would have walked out, but I needed a job so I just smiled and did it.” Read more

Four Truths About Interview Handshake Biases

If you’ve gone on an interview and shaken the hand of a potential boss who’s a little clammy, your expectations became set instantly, right? (Remember, as the job seeker you’re evaluating the employer as much as they’re evaluating you.)

Conversely, if you’re the hiring manager and shake a candidate’s hand with chipped nailpolish or multiple tattoos, you may think differently about their candidacy. According to a piece on ERE, there are a few ways to wipe out handshake bias. Read more

New Research Shows Self-Employment Could Hinder Your Shot at Full-Time Job Offers

According to a new research study mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, being self-employed could hinder your shot at landing a full-time corporate job.

Researchers concluded after a two-year experiment that self-employed job seekers went on fewer interviews than candidates who worked in corporate America.

Here’s the kicker: Researchers submitted pairs of faux resumes and cover letters to 100 job postings in the United Kingdom for human resources roles. For each pair of applicants,  the only main item that differed was their recent job experience. Read more

Seeking Feedback as to Why You Didn’t Land the Job? Good Luck!

Ah, the coveted job interview. You leave the interview room thinking you aced it and alas, you hear crickets.

Cue the radio silence.

If you’re one of the job seekers to reach out for feedback for self-improvement, well you probably won’t hear back with an honest reason as to why you didn’t get the job.

According to a piece in The Wall Street Journal, about 10 percent of job seekers ask for feedback and rarely any of them actually receive it. Part of the reason could be due to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Last year the commission identified discrimination in hiring practices as its main priority.  Read more