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Happy Quitting! TheLadders Introduces Resignation Texts (Yes, There’s an App for That)

mobile phones

We know the feeling all too well when you’re completely ready to quit your job but perhaps you’ve been delaying the end date due to that otherwise awkward conversation with your boss.

Well, mobile recruiting company TheLadders has teamed up with the creators of Breakup Text to help remedy this situation with the Quit Your Job App.

Really? Oh yes.

Per the notification we received, all you need to do is tell the app why you’re leaving and what your plans are and the messaging system will be able to send that text to your boss. Here’s an example… Read more

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Three Signs It’s Time to Resign Even When You Don’t Have a New Job

emergency exitFlying without a net. Scary, huh?

What is even scarier is staying in a job that you’re overqualified for and treated poorly, thereby making you a downright unhappy camper.  We know it all too well — that pit in the stomach feeling on Sunday night when you simply dread the upcoming work week.

Here are three reasons to help you discover the right time to potentially walk away from a situation that’s only getting worse. Keep in mind everyone’s financial situation is different so this is technically our disclaimer for moving forward at your own risk. (That said, you can’t reap rewards without risks, right?)

1. It’s a toxic work environment. As in extremely abusive. People mistreat you and although you try not to take it personally, they may also mistreat each other (hey, at least it’s not personal, right? Half-kidding). What’s even worse is this horrible behavior is considered normal.

Nobody flinches when someone makes an inappropriate comment and even if you try to point it out, they brush it under the rug. Now, we’re not saying you should tell your boss today to talk to the hand as you make a prompt exit but there could be ways to work through the issues. Why not schedule a meeting with your boss and/or human resources to point these things out? If it still doesn’t change and remains unbearable, at least you can say you tried to stick it out. Read more