unhappy-computer-keyIf you’re unhappy on the job, look around. You’ll see plenty of others in your situation, so says a new report released by Gallup. Apparently unhappy employees outweigh happy ones to the tune of two to one!

Gallup gathered data from 230,000 full-time and part-time workers in 142 countries. At least for the good news, we’re not alone since it’s a global trend. (Um, okay so that’s not exactly good news. At least we’re consistent with other countries!)

As per the data, 13 percent of workers felt engaged and ignited by their jobs. The not-so-good news? This means approximately 63 percent aren’t engaged. They’re mentally checked out and unhappy but not to an extreme. The remaining 24 percent of employees are “actively disengaged.” That is, unhappy and looking for the nearest exit door. Read more