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 I've gotten several jobs through the Freelance Marketplace. It's a great way to make connections you really can't make otherwise. 
- Heather Schwartz, AvantGuild Member

Mediabistro helps the ever-growing community of media professionals advance their careers. Between the economy and the rapidly evolving media landscape, we all need something that will help us stay ahead of the curve and make our professional lives a little easier and a lot more productive.

That desire to help media professionals is exactly the reason we created AvantGuild, our premium membership service. With career-focused resources, discounts, and other member benefits, it's a must-have addition to your professional toolkit. Thousands of AvantGuild members have made a small investment in membership, which has paid off big for their media career: They get work. They save money. And so can you!

We're in the business of making you the best media professional you can be. With an AvantGuild membership, you'll be well on your way.

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