Malcolm XFebruary 21, 1965, a man entered Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom for a speech about unity within the black community. That dreary day in American history was the assassination of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, who would be taken from that ballroom with 21 gunshots to his chest, left shoulder, arms and legs.

The man many would come to know as Malcolm X is a myth to as many as he is a beloved legend.

And to date, his sole memory has been authorized and archived in Alex Haley’s award-winning autobiography of Minister Malcolm. Its pages have been rippled through the annals of time and inspired a most amazing film by Spike Lee.

There have not only been controversial tales (and conspiracy tales) of his assassination, but also of the death of his wife, the alleged plot of his daughter to murder Louis Farrakhan and most recently, the murder of his grandson in Mexico. Admirers, followers and historians alike have been angling for facts on Minister Malcolm since 1965.

Today, his family has gone to court to block publication of the late civil rights leader’s diary, according to the New York Daily News

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