Al Maag, chief comms officer for tech distribution company¬†Avnet and the chairman of the Business Marketing Association (BMA), told us this morning during a visit to the Mediabistro office that Avnet has worked with its PR firm,¬†Brodeur Partners, since 1999. That’s rare.

Maag credits the relationship’s longevity to a few things some of the standard qualities: they have a similar geographic footprint (Avnet is based in Phoenix where Brodeur has an office, for example), Brodeur’s tech capabilities, etc.

But one thing that stood out to Maag was the firm’s decision to hire a third-party to handle some of Avnet’s media training duties.

“They didn’t say they could do everything,” Maag said. “They have trainers on staff. But they made sure we had the best person versus their person.”

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