kat von dFile this under “Really? No one saw anything amiss? No one? Not a single, solitary person?”

Sephora has pulled off its shelves a lipstick shade from LA Ink star Kat von D’s line called Painted Love called “Celebutard.” For the few who don’t know, it’s a term that sprung into being after the Paris Hiltons and Kim Kardashians of the world started to become far more rich and famous than their talents would indicate they should. But it also incorporates the word “retard,” which caused offense to advocates for the developmentally challenged.

“It should have never been on the shelves to begin with,” said Faith Bodnar, the executive director of nonprofit Inclusion BC. And she wasn’t the only one. Other families and Glee star Lauren Potter (she plays Becky Jackson), also expressed outrage.

“I could not believe that a successful company in 2013 would use such a derogatory and mocking name for their lipstick,” said Emily Norman, mother of two children ages two and four, one with a developmental delays and the other with Down syndrome.

When a tube of this lipstick hit the desk of someone in marketing, there should’ve been a quick thumbs down and renaming.

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