It’s summertime, but we still have to work. Sucks! And we have to dress the part even if it’s a blistering 100 degrees. Double sucks! (Though today is quite nice here in NYC.)

We’ve published three of the four parts of our Career Development series (part four will publish this week), but there’s one area we’ve failed to address: Office attire. Sure, you know to wear a suit to the interview. But do you show up in flip-flops and shorts once you’ve move into your new cubicle?┬áN-O spells “no.”

After the jump, Kate Powell, a stylist with Style for Hire, has given us five tips for dressing appropriately during the summer months. Style for Hire is a network of personal stylists, compiled by What Not To Wear host (and Media Beat guest) Stacy London and company co-founder Cindy McLaughlin.

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