Full confession: we don’t follow college sports. But of course we haven’t been able to avoid the story of Rutgers coach Mike Rice, who lost his job after starring in a video that should have been labeled “Wow, I’m a jackass”:

When officials in the school’s sports department first saw the video last year, they suspended and fined the coach. But as soon as it hit ESPN, the public registered its discontent and the school found itself in full crisis mode. Rutgers decided to fire Rice, but that was hardly the end of the story:¬†yesterday we learned that the school owed him a cool $100K in severance pay due to the fact that it allowed him to complete the season rather than letting him go in December when the tapes surfaced. Administrators were understandably irritated by this news, and this morning we read that the school has also dismissed athletic director Tim Pernetti, the guy who made the initial decision to keep Rice on.

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